Q: Are there any showers at the Schaumburg or Arlington Heights locations? Also, are there any options for Vernon Hills?

A: No Vernon Hills. Yes showers at Schaumburg and no Arlington Heights.

Q: Do you have to go to the same location for all 4 weeks?

A: Yes, then after the 4 weeks you can attend any of the locations.

Q: I paid a $1 assessment fee and it says that I must have an assessment before I can take the class, is this correct?

A: Yes, you will come in 15 minutes before your first class for the assessment.

Q: do I have to attend 4 consecutive weeks?

A: Yes.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of classes you can attend each week in that 4 week time span?

A: With a Groupon you can attend up to 4 classes a week for 4 weeks.

Q: The vouchers are good at any location?

A: Yes, any of the 6 locations!

Q: Is the times 6am 7am the only times available on Washington? Is there any locations south

A: Yes, those are the only times available on Washington. We also have a location on Belmont Avenue – M,W,F 5am, 6am, 7am, 9am Sat 8am and 9am and T,Th, 5:30pm.

Q: Is free parking available at the West Loop location?

A: Street parking only.

Q: Is there a date the bootcamp class starts or is it whenever?  Are there showers at the Evanston location?

A: Yes, you can start at any time. No showers in Evanston location.

Q: Are the 45 min. workouts pretty true to time? If I sign up for the 6am class is it generally over on time by 6:45am?

A: Yes, they are 45 minutes each. So you will be out by 6:45am.

Q: In the website, the timings for Arlington Heights location are morning at 5 and 6 AM. Are there sessions in the evening of Arlington Heights location?

A: No, we have added a 9am class but no evenings. Schaumburg location has a 5pm class.

Q: Are there showers at the Woodstock location? And can you go more than once a week?

A: No showers. But yes you can come up to 4 times a week for 4 weeks with your Groupon.

Q: it says you have to do the same time for all four weeks, can i say do Monday’s at 9 and Friday’s at 5 as long as i stick to that schedule or would i always have to do the 9am every day?

A: That would be fine. We would just like you to try to keep most days the same.

Q: Is there a specific time the 4 weeks start or can you start anytime?

A: You can start anytime.

Are there shower facilities at the west loop location to use?

A: Yes, there are showers!

Q: Are there shower facilities available at the Belmont location?

A: No there are no showers.

Q: The Woodstock location doesn’t show times offered on here or their website can you please tell me the times that the boot camp classes go at that location?

A: Mon. Tues. Thurs Fri. 5am, 6am, 9am and 7pm Sat 8am and 9am

Q: I’m not in good physical shape. Although strong, i have had back surgery and need to lose quite a bit of weight. Is this the class for me or will it be too aggressive as a first time exerciser?

A: The trainers will definitely work with you and modify exercises if needed.

Q: What days of the week and time are the classes?

A: For schedules and locations you can check our website www.chitownbootcamps.com.

Q: before i sign up, i want to confirm the 9am class on Belmont is available. let me know.

A: Yes, 9am classes on Belmont are available!