Built a Better Butt

The gluts or the gluteals are the strongest muscles in your body. They are used to help you walk and as hip extensions. To keep your body looking awesome and appealing, plus your legs working properly, you need to make sure these glut muscles get a special workout. Walking, jumping, climbing, and running are all […]

Using a website helps Lauren from Cardington, Ohiolose weight

Lauren from Cardington Ohio weighted185 pounds when she began found a website fitness program that gave her back her confidence and her natural ability as an athlete. Using many diet programs over the course of several years, Lauren just kept ballooning and lost her will to get up and move. Just before she turned thirty […]

Lose up to 92 pounds with Exercise Programs

One lady in Pennsylvania lost 92 pounds by using weight loss and nutrition techniques designed by a popular fitness expert. This lady struggled with weight all of her life and was a chubby kid and an overweight teenager. She was obese in her early adult life and recorded being 70 to 100 pounds overweight. This […]

Just like Overuse of Antibiotics, Over Exercising Can be Counter Productive

It seems as though antibiotics have become the everlasting drug of choice for anything that is bothersome or threatening. We use antibacterial products to kill every germ that is around and by doing so you are eliminating bacteria that are beneficial. It is counterproductive to rid all bacteria and you do need to be aware […]

The Best Way to Use Yoga to Drop Pounds Before the Summer is On

I get this question all the time: Is doing yoga three to four times a week good for losing weight and for my body?  Yoga is a great exercise, especially if you want to get better flexibility, better balance and to get some strength training.  It makes you feel good. If you have back pains […]

Trainer Tips To Reduce Muscle Soreness

What could be worse than having the mental fortitude to work out every other day, but lacking the muscle power to do so? It feels great to have a dynamic weightlifting session, but muscle soreness is never a fun occurrence. Unfortunately, a little bit of aching is unavoidable. After all, to grow your muscles requires […]

How to Choose the Proper Workout Shoe for Exercise in Chicago

Workout attire is important not only in how you look during your workout but to your comfort as well. People wear matching outfits, making sure they look good when they walk in the door. But there’s one thing a lot of people don’t make a fuss over and that’s shoes. This article will explain why […]

How Exercise and Brain Function Work Together

Who would think exercise would boost job performance? Most people don’t associate the two but it has been proven that exercise can lead you to feeling more energized, enhance the ability to concentrate and think creatively, which boosts overall job performance. You will feel better physically and mentally putting you at the top of the […]

Chicago – Exercise for Women Over 50

Recently I was visiting a boot camp in Chicago and an older lady asked if it is ever too late to begin an exercise program. Out of respect I did not ask her age but I guessed her to be in her early 50’s. Of course my response was it is never too late to […]