Is a Hormone Responsible for your Eating Patterns?

If you have the experience of eating and just never being satisfied, if wanting to eat all the time, and all the wrong foods you may have a condition that is known as leptin resistance. When you eat, fat cells in your body discharges a hormone called leptin. This hormone moves to the hypothalamus or […]

Beat the Heat: Five Tips

The summer of 2012 has been one of the hottest summers on record and when you are exercising or doing outdoor activities it is important to keep cool. Most fitness routines can be demanding and the added heat can trigger heatstroke. Use these five distinct tips to keep cool and safe during humid and hot […]

Amber from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma makes losing weight seem easy

Amber from Oklahoma City began an online/web program to lose 90 pounds and reached a goal of winning the 10-Ton Challenge. Best of all however, Amber won her life back and is now able to play softball, run track, and compete in basketball. Amber was always weight conscious and in shape during her entire life. […]

Secret Ingredients That Burn Belly Fat

Everyone wants a flat stomach that doesn’t press into their jeans or bulge out like a baby bump or beach ball. Yet, all aesthetics aside, recent research suggests that excess belly fat (AKA “visceral fat”) puts you at a higher risk of life-threatening heart disease, type II diabetes and inflammation. Those three are obvious, but […]


Do you ever wonder how you can make small changes that will lead to a big change in your waistline? Here are smart tips for dropping pounds and keeping them off too: 1. Eat low-fat salads before lunch and dinner to eat 10 percent fewer calories during the day. 2. Instead of liberally applying salad […]


As we get older, we find our bodies start to naturally slow down. Staying up all night or getting less than 8 hours of sleep a night used to be no problem when we were in our twenties. Yet, our metabolisms slow as we age, work demands zap more of our brain power, and we […]

Importance of Fiber in Diet

Importance of fiber in diet is significant in trimming belly fat. Research has shown just by increasing your fiber 10 grams a day, belly fat can be cut by nearly four percent over five years. The type of fat I’m talking about is visceral fat. Visceral fat is deep in the belly and wraps around […]

Foods to Avoid When Dieting

People looking to lose weight know eating fast food, high calories snacks, and anything fried is the best way to sabotage a diet. Not only do these foods sabotage a diet, but can wreak havoc on your health. Personal trainers can provide a list of foods to avoid when dieting that not only will add […]

The Importance of Drinking Water – Staying Hydrated in Chicago

Did you know the human body is made up of anywhere between 55% – 75% water depending on the size of the person? It’s true. Water is the main component of our body. Check out the percentage of water in these 4 muscles and organs: Muscle – 75% Brain –    90% Bone –    22% Blood […]

Long Term Results from Popular Diets Used for Weight Loss and Insulin Resistance

There is an epidemic of obesity in this country and the serious health risks such as cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes that accompany obesity are increasing as well. The insulin resistance (IR) that many individuals have is considered to be the cause of the diabetes and lifestyle changes to lose weight are normally used […]