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How to Subtract Fat and Get Fitter

I loved math at school.  I know most people didn’t enjoy math, but it was one of my favorite subjects. The thing I liked about math was my ability to add, subtract and do basic functions at a much more complex level. What’s this got to do with weight loss and getting fit, you may […]

Does Your Heart Rate Matter When Working Out?

The heart rate is an important piece to gauge your exercise intensity. When you’re working out, there areonly two factors that really matter, to get you the best workout in the time you have available. The first is how you feel. When you’re working out, if you feel that you’ve pushed yourself and are at […]

Gyms In Chicago

I recently read a few articles about the pros and cons to joining gyms in Chicago. One article compared home based gyms to paid membership facilities and the others spoke about the general pros and cons of joining a gym. Articles like these are great but it frustrated me to read these specific ones. To […]

Chicago Gym

Everyday consumers are inundated by advertisements from companies trying to sell “speedy weight loss programs”. You know the ones. We hear things like: Lose the weight you want just by drinking 3 of these shakes a day, or taking 2 of these natural diet pills a day will increase your metabolism causing you to loose […]