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Watching a sumo wrestling match can be highly entertaining. You may think that the sumo wrestlers are out of shape since they tend to be quite large and chubby looking, but don’t let appearances fool you. These wrestlers are experts at using their strength and have incredible balance. At the beginning of a sumo wrestling […]

Is Doing Only One Thing Good Enough for Fitness and Making You Look Sexy?

Imagine for a second you only had one muscle group in your body comprised of your hands.  You used your hands to do everything for you.  They helped you to walk, talk, eat, perform some sexual functions, and everything else in your daily life. Now this probably sounds like it makes no sense at all.  […]

Fitness Boot Camp Experts Reveals Why 1,000 Pushups Will NOT Give You 6 Pack Abs

Question, will working on your abs every day give you a sore tummy? Will working on the same thing over and over will lead to progress? If you believe that then you are mistaken. Based on scientific studies and results we have accomplished with our training group, when it comes to exercising, there’s a bunch […]

Experts Reveals Why Portion Sizes are Killing Us

I recently went for a vacation in Cape Town, South Africa. On the first day in arriving there I decided to be healthy so instead of a huge steak I decided to I ordered a cheese and mushroom sandwich on whole wheat bread, and since this was a vacation I thought that it might be […]


As we get older, we find our bodies start to naturally slow down. Staying up all night or getting less than 8 hours of sleep a night used to be no problem when we were in our twenties. Yet, our metabolisms slow as we age, work demands zap more of our brain power, and we […]


Many people decide to adopt a healthier lifestyle as they get older because they want to protect themselves from heart disease and support improved cardiovascular function. Researchers from Harvard Medical School released data from the 10-year Women’s Health Study, which found that exercise benefited patients’ heart in several different ways: 10 percent of the benefits […]


Bodybuilders of yesteryear used to avoid fat like the plague. They wanted to bulk up but be lean and trim. Yet, we now know that there is good fat and bad fat – and that the good fat is actually an essential nutrient for bodybuilders. Unsaturated and monosaturated fats keep testosterone levels high to turn […]


One of the most common excuses personal trainers hear is “I just don’t have time to work-out.” The truth is, the only difference between a person who “doesn’t have time” and a person who works out consistently every day is priority. One person values fitness and the benefits of exercise, while the other does not. […]


The decreased sunlight, cooler temperatures and wetter days can really zap one’s energy and motivation. This is often called “the winter blues.” Sometimes people need a little extra motivation to get out of the house and into the gym during this dreary season. Here are 10 ways to beat the winter blues and stay on […]

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Did you know that if you are physically inactive your risk of heart disease increases as much as someone who smokes? Approximately 62% of adults are physically inactive and don’t conduct any form of regular exercise. If more people in society would participate in some form of exercise, such as fitness bootcamp Chicago,than our overall […]