Lose up to 92 pounds with Exercise Programs

One lady in Pennsylvania lost 92 pounds by using weight loss and nutrition techniques designed by a popular fitness expert. This lady struggled with weight all of her life and was a chubby kid and an overweight teenager. She was obese in her early adult life and recorded being 70 to 100 pounds overweight. This is definitely a high health risk and diabetes and heart conditions were just “around the corner.” The lady was a school teacher and her students saw a heavy, but happy lady. Why should they eat right and exercise; they saw their teacher as being heavy and happy.


  • She signed up to be a contestant on The Biggest Loser, but had little or no faith in herself that she could lose the weight.
  • A prominent personal trainer developed a program of both mental and physical exercise. This trainer knew the potential that was inside Ms. Pennsylvania and would not allow less than 100% commitment in fitness and health. The first step, however, was to gear up mentally to talk herself into losing the weight.
  • Goals and rewards were set and a journal to document Ms. Pennsylvania’s progress and keep her accountable to exercise programs, eating regimens and mental toughness was developed.
  • Give yourself a reward when goals are reached. Write down both the goal and the rewards. For example, you want to lose 10 pounds in a two-week period. Work to that end and treat yourself to a mini-shopping spree if that is your goal and reward. Try not to make rewards sugary and unhealthy food binges.
  • To lose 92 pounds you first much change your diet. Try to eat only 800 to 900 calories per day for the first few weeks, but make sure these are not empty calories. Vegetables and fruits plus lean meats in small portions will supply these calories.
  • The next step is to increase your calorie consumption by eating fish, meats and grains making sure they are organic and keep eating fruits and vegetables.
  • Develop an exercise program. At the very least, walk briskly for at least 30 minutes a day. As you watch television do not sit, but get up and move. Swing your arms, run in place, and do deep knee bends to help with body conditioning. It’s okay to relax, but do it in moderation.
  • Follow personal hygiene. By taking care of your outside as well as your inside, you will feel better, lose weight, and begin to look and feel fit.


Follow the mantra “let it go and believe”. Push yourself to new heights and keep growing and changing. Keep your mind active and invested in losing weight by exercising whenever possible and cutting calories from your diet. There are multiple ideas on the web, and personal trainers are great resources. Like Ms. Pennsylvania who lost 92 pounds by following a regimen of exercise and eating plus mental toughness you can gain your healthy body. There is very little you can accomplish if you truly set your mind to it.

A Single Parent Learns to Change Exercises Plans to Lose Weight

Just like many other stories, this single parent’s story began when she was thin and active. Team sports were her life, but changing jobs and becoming a mom started her on the path toward finding comfort in the kitchen cupboard. Eating was a stress reliever and she felt like food was her friend. Four years of marriage ended in divorce and single parenthood which lead to more binge eating. After the death of her mother, however this single mom decided that she needed to regain her healthy weight. Fad diets, crazy exercise routines and more diets did not work. Her major wake-up call came when she had to be literally pulled out of a restaurant booth. Her weight loss story begins with The Biggest Loser and the motivation she received from watching this program. Everything taught about weight loss during this program made sense and she determined to get off the couch and out of the cupboard. These two factors alone were major goals. This mom did find her motivation however in several simple tricks.


  • Using message boards, web site information, and the tips and tricks to food tracking found on web sites was the first step.


  • Finding and using an exercise plan was the second step. The winters in her northern home kept her from the gym, but she found an excellent program on the web and through The Biggest Loser. By ordering and receiving exercise CDs, she was on her way.


  • After the CDs arrived, this mom was full of enthusiasm and began to work out. Nope, it was more fun to watch the exercise CDs on TV and eat cookies.


  • Trying to follow the instructions on the CD was the third step. It was difficult to maintain the pace, but will power soon took over.


  • After working through several exercise CDs this single mother of one found that mixing up exercise strategies provided both the entertainment value and the needed exercise. Doing just one exercise over and over is good, but it is not optimum way to lose weight. Change up and diversify is the key.


  • Begin with cardio exercises, then move into strength training, follow with core workouts and finish with recreational activities. Alternate these forms every time you work out. Focus on one program a day; change up the next day.


  • Keep going. It will take time to work up to at least 30 minutes per day doing some form of exercise. Walk during lunch, play tennis, jump rope or run. The key is to keep moving; don’t just sit on the couch eating.


When this single mom started her journey she weighed 206 pounds and was 5’3”. It took six month of determination, but she lost 50 pounds and is still losing. Right now she lives a very energetic life and is able to run up stairs, play ball with her son, and enjoys a positive attitude. Volunteering at sports events and for charitable programs is a fulfilled dream. Get off the couch and start living your life.

Just like Overuse of Antibiotics, Over Exercising Can be Counter Productive

It seems as though antibiotics have become the everlasting drug of choice for anything that is bothersome or threatening. We use antibacterial products to kill every germ that is around and by doing so you are eliminating bacteria that are beneficial. It is counterproductive to rid all bacteria and you do need to be aware that some germs are good germs. In the same way, exercising is like antibiotic use. You feel that exercising is the end of all your weight woes and you exercise to excess. By doing so, you are actually causing your blood vessels, lungs, and heart to work overtime.

  • Using antibiotics to whip out bacteria to excess means you also kill probiotics or the best disease defenses. Over use of antibiotics can lead to resistance. These drugs become ineffective and are useable when you really need them.
  • Excessive exercise is similar to antibiotic overuse. When you exercise too much your body is unable to perform at its best. If you exercise excessively you soon realize that your body will start deteriorating.
  • To replenish your body from antibiotic overuse, learn to eat right and the use the right kinds of foods. Organic low-fat yogurt will help replenish beneficial bacteria and organic meats will provide for healthy metabolisms.


  • Avoid over exercising to prevent chronic muscle soreness. Soreness and pain that last longer than occasional muscle stiffness means that you are not allowing your muscles to replenish themselves. Glycogen in your muscles that provide energy are being depleted and your muscles are actually burning muscle mass to generate enough fuel to just keep going throughout the day.
  • Avoid taking antibiotics every time you have just a little sniffle and begin to use judgment in your use of medications.
  • Gaining a bit of weight is not a bad thing. Often the weight you gain is an indication of muscle mass being built up. You need to find a happy medium between weight loss, muscle mass, and losing the muscle mass you have built up.


  • Over use of antibiotics will result in your body not recognizing the power of this miracle medicine. Your body has become used to antibiotics and you will not be able to fight off the infections that come with an injury.
  • Exercising increases your heart rate and it is proven that your heart rate is higher than normal during resting periods after exercise. If you continue to exercise excessively, the rest periods you give yourself will just not be enough. Over exercising can cause blood vessels to brust which will ultimately result in death.
  • Be smart when you exercise. Change exercises often and do different strengthening programs. Run on the treadmill one day; do aerobics the next and yoga at a third session.

Just like overuse of antibiotics, doing more exercises than needed is harmful. Find a happy medium in using medication to prevent a cold and this same happy medium in exercising. You will be better for it.

Is Doing Only One Thing Good Enough for Fitness and Making You Look Sexy?

Imagine for a second you only had one muscle group in your body comprised of your hands.  You used your hands to do everything for you.  They helped you to walk, talk, eat, perform some sexual functions, and everything else in your daily life.

Now this probably sounds like it makes no sense at all.  How could your hands do everything for your body?  Before you knew it, we would all be leading shorter life spans and our hands would be totally worn off by the amount of activity we asked them to do for us every day.

We obviously need more than one muscle group or body part activity to help us live our normal lives.  It’s the same thing that applies to us when we get exercise advice.  Most of the advice we get is to start just one activity or one type of exercise that will then keep us in shape, make us look great, and have the best life that we can lead.

That is absolutely wrong.  Getting started with one exercise or activity is just a good starting point, not the end of what you should be doing.  Let’s assume you have never done any fitness exercises and desire to get in shape andchange your life around, building up good habits.

Running, swimming, or even walking up stairs is a good way to help you get into a movement routine andstart shedding off and keeping off the pounds.But that’s just one part of what you should be doing.

Don’tneglect the other areas of your body like cardio for your heart, aerobic for your lungs, or building muscle mass with weight training. Don’tlet other partsof your body take second place.

If you were only doing cardio as a daily workout,the rest of your body would suffer injuries. Why? Because the muscles you are asking to do sudden weight lifting will end up becoming strained from their previous lack of activity.

Let’s face it, we want certain parts of our body to be toned, especially when we want to look better in our bikini or have those great looking upper arms while wearing our cocktail dresses at night.

It makes sense to do more than just one exercise at a time, in order to have an overall body that both looks and feels great.Doing one exercise at a time only is a trap from which we need to escape.Break that habit before you begin it.

Often we get out of the habit of our fitness routines or we end up not wanting to continue them because either our muscles are too sore and we don’t want to go back again, or we get bored or tired of the practice.  It’s always a good idea to diversify our workout.

What exercises should we be doing?  Let’s examine a few options:

1. The core body workout is good for your lower back and balance.  Good exercises for this are sit ups, Pilates, and some yoga.
2.Aerobics are important for one main reason: heart health.  We need our precious ticker pumping blood throughout our entire body,keeping us alive.

Good exercises like dancing, aerobics, spinning, or walking up and down a flight of stairs at a fast pace are all good activities to help us with aerobic health. More importantly, keeping our heart alive and in good working order because it’s the most important muscle in our body.

3.Strength training helps us develop good muscle mass and bone density.  We do not want to have brittle bones when we get older, because one fall can put us out of commission for a very long time. It takes a long time to heal as we get older.

Good exercises are weight training, resistance exercises, or the use of any type of weights added to your normal routine.  I’m not talking about using 30 or 40 pound weights.  I’m talking about using five or ten pound weights during your normal exercise routine.

A good method of working out that incorporates all areas of your core body, including aerobics and strength training, is boot camp or semi-private group training.  What boot camp training instructors are good at is giving youa whole variety of exercises during a 45 minute period and helping you to change it up.

More importantly, having music during the sessions to stimulate the endorphins in your body is a great motivator.It makes the exercise routine much more exciting and enjoyable while you’re working out.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that only one exercise a day is going to change your life and your body forever.  Mix up your daily exercise routines and your body will thank you for it in the long run.

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How Do Fitness Techniques Turn Heather into the Mom She’s Always Wanted to Be?

If you’re a mom with kids or thinking about having kids in the near future,I want to shareHeather’s story with you.  Heather is a real mom whose name is changed to protect her identity.  Heather works out in our Chicago boot camps.

Heather recently told me about the worst time in her life when she started packing on the pounds and did not even realize it was happening.  She had gotten married and in the space of five years ended up having three kids. Before she knew it, one day she was looking at herself in the mirror and was 180 pounds.

It was the heaviest she had ever been.She didn’t realize the weight had built up. It crept up on her without her noticing it was happening. She didn’t like what she saw.

She wanted to be a good wife and mom and be an inspiration for her kids.  She was almost 30 years old and wanted to feel and look her best.  Shefelt compelled to make being a momlook like a great thing to be doing, not only for herself but to as a role model for her three little kids.

The one easy thing that Heather did was modify her diet and eating plan.  She ate a lot of proteins and veggies during her normal daily routine.  Heather relayed to me what was the biggest impedimenttoturn her body around.

Maintaining her interest was much more difficult than she originally expected.  Have you ever experienced the yo-yo diet, where you eat healthily one day and then the next five days you eat badly,pack on the pounds, and repeat the same cycle over and over every week?

Just because you eat healthily for one or two days, you feel you have the luxury to jump off your schedule and eat a little bit more unhealthily for the rest of the week.  That was a break through moment for Heather.  She knew then that she really needed to get some help.

Heatherwas smart and decided, every day at 6:00am, before the kids were ready to go to school and the morning started, to get up and start playing some work out DVDs.  She bought a set of DVDs that she enjoyed and made it a priority.

There were days she didn’t feel like doing her workout, so she sat on the couch and just watched the DVD instead.  The trick here for Heather was to make surethe first thing she did in the morning wasplay these DVDs.

Over time, the DVDs became a habit for her and she followed along with them.  Somedays they had her doing high intensity aerobic exercises, others, yoga, and some days she still would only siton the couch watching them, because she felt too tired to do anything that morning.  Heather’scontinuing burning desire to lose her weight kept her going.

Before she knew it, in only eight months, she had gone from 180 pounds down to 145 pounds.  The transformation was amazing.  She found that out because people were giving her positive comments andshe initially thought it was just them being kind and trying to give her motivation to keep working out.

But people were actually commenting her new body shape which she hadn’t yet noticed had happened.   She politely smiled and took the compliments.  When she got on the scale and found out she was now 145 pounds,the true transformation in her life happened.

Her desire to work out grew even more. Heather joined us at our 9:00am workouts in our Chicago Boot Camps and shed off even more pounds.  Since then Heather has never looked back.

The key here if you are looking to make a transformation in your own life or want to be the mom or woman you’ve always thought you were capable of being, is to make sure that you get some form of motivation in your life.

With the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we do need a little extra motivation or push to take us over the edge of complacency and to being the best we can be, and this motivation may come in different forms.

In Heather’s case it was putting on the workout DVDs the first thing in the morning before she did anything else.  Your motivation could be getting a buddy to call you and working out together.

Try creating a small workout routine two or three times during the week in the evening.Try doing yoga, spinning, or working out at home.  No matter what form of exercise it is, getting a little bit of motivation and inserting it into your daily life will get you the body transformation you have been looking for.

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How to Subtract Fat and Get Fitter

I loved math at school.  I know most people didn’t enjoy math, but it was one of my favorite subjects. The thing I liked about math was my ability to add, subtract and do basic functions at a much more complex level.

What’s this got to do with weight loss and getting fit, you may ask?  We are so conditioned, when it comes to weight loss, to add more things to an already expanding and growing list of activities and foods we need to eat in order to get back into shape, drop pounds, and be healthy.

We’ve been told, over and over again, that we need to add more exercise into our programs.  We need to stay away from certain foods,but add in vegetables, especially greens, protein shakes, and all the other healthy, nutritional, natural choices thatget us into better, fitter shape.

But back in school, one of my favorite math activities was subtraction. Subtraction was a very simple concept, and it is onewe can apply to our weight loss goals. Take a look at what you’re doing right now and eliminate certain things tomake you healthier and fitter faster, without adding any new things.

You can enjoy the process as you go along. Here’s a step-by-step guide for subtracting fat:

1.Avoid whitecarbs. Carbs are not completely bad for you.  You need differentchemicals and nutrients in your body and carbs are one of them.

What you want to avoid are nasty white carbs.  They sneak up on you andmake you feel like you didn’t eat enough, so you put on pounds fromeating more.Stop the white carbs now.

2.Eat the same things over and over again. I’m sure if I were to ask you a simple question:“What’s healthy in your diet that you’re eating right now?” you would automatically know the answer..

Eat more of whatever you’re already eating that’s healthy, like cereal, fruits and vegetables,lean meats, such as chicken, fish, and turkey. Eat more that is nutritious and tastyand makes you lean, trim and fitter.

Instead of eating greasy food, subtract them and eat the same healthy things over and over again, more times during the week.  Subtract the fat from your diet.

3.Stop drinking calories. This is by far the biggest thing you can do right now to get into shape and drop the pounds immediately.  Instead of having four or five cans of Coca-Cola during the day, drop that number down to one or none, or only have sugary foods on one cheat day per week.

It is a fallacy that sugar-free drinks like Diet Coke that promise they have no sugar in them are healthier for you.  They may not help you put on the pounds, but they’ve got  chemicals like Aspartame that are going to make you unhealthy and lethargic so you won’t be able to work them off later on. Subtract them from your diet.

4.Eat more greens. The more greens you eat, the fewer proteins and other foods you need to consume.Eatingleafy green foods make you feel full, allowing you to subtract or take out foods that are fattier.

5.Have a cheat day. Although we are speaking about subtraction, having a cheat day allows you to do all the other things suggested above, like eating healthily, not eating or drinking extra sugary foods, and avoiding higher fat greasy foods.

We’re only human, and without satisfying our cravings and needs by having a cheat day once in awhile, we would find it very difficult to stay on track and focus.We need a reward every so often for deleting all the other things we don’t need to get healthy, fit and in shape.Add a cheat day for your good work in subtracting the many unhealthy choices from your life.

There you go.  Subtraction could be a big ally against weight gain and will keep you fit in the longrun.

What can you subtract from your diet right now that can help you get to where you want to be in the shortest period of time? Below this post, tell me exactly what you’re going to be subtracting from your diet this week, and let us help you achieve that goal.

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The Myth About Bread and Weight Loss and What You Really Need

Since the beginning of time,humans have used bread as a means of communicating and building relationships. In the Old Testament bread was used to symbolize friendship.A piece of bread and a glass of wine were fed to guests so we could make new friends.

Grandma used to make bread for us fresh every single day whenwe were growing up, if we were lucky. Fresh bread, straight out of the oven with some butter and cheese tasted so good.

We never used to pack on the pounds or put on additional weight while eating that way.We never had to go the gym or rely on fitness routines to keep in shape, back in the old days when we ate bread.

But bread as we knew it back then and what it has become are completely different. Today when we eat bread it’s a Frankenstein monster being shoved down our throats. Modern wheat and bread are not fit for our consumption.

The mixture that most companies put into bread today is completely different from what it was back in the olden days.Now there are chemicals used to grow the wheat,and that wheat is converted into bread which is made with a ton of chemicals, stabilizers and dough conditioners that are not healthy for us.All that is mixed together withdenatured white flourand combine to make us automatically fat.

Modern day wheat is bad, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be eating it or stopping it all together. What we should be doing is limiting our consumption of bread. The problem with bread today is it has no nutritional value, other than what is artificially added back in.

When we eat bread and see bread placed in front of us, we are like junkies.We eat it without giving much thought about it. Eating it gives us the craving to eat some more. It makes us feel full, but what we don’t realize is that it is filling us with chemicals and making us fat.

Without eating bread we feel there’sa void our meals. With no bread or rice, we are left with only proteins and vegetables and continue to feel hungry all the time.

Here are some suggestions and tips to fill the void that comes from not eating as much bread:

1. Eat whole foods. Whole foods are healthy, grown in nature, and will fill that void for us. Eating brown rice or whole grain bread that has some substance can help us feel full. We can sprout some grains or buy sprouted grain products.

Whole Foods has sprouted grain products and flours to make foods which help to fill us up with their raw grain goodness.

2. Eat nuts, vegetables, and other natural foods to fill our void.Move towards foods that are wholesome and lessprocessed.Try to choose foods as close as possible to their natural state as you can find.

Bread is not bad if you find a whole grain product which you can easily tolerate and enjoy. You can add this enjoyable substance back into your diet slowly after you have detoxed and filled your plate with salads, seeds and greens. You won’t feel bloated any more when you are following your body’s natural cravings for increased nutrition from whole foods, and whole grain bread can be a part of your well- balanced diet.

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Is What You Eat Making You Look Older?

/>Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of us all?  Are you Snow White or the little old witch who wants to look like Snow White?  You see, what we eat has a huge impact on how we look, and more importantly, how we feel on a day to day basis.

Eating junk food or high fatty food puts our body into an inflammatory state.  It causes us to look older without doing our doing anything more harmful than that.  Have you ever had the opportunity to look at two people, maybe a mom and a daughter, and you couldn’t for the life of you tell who was younger or who was older?

That’s because the food we eat and the nutrients we put into our bodies can clog our arteries or pack on the extra pounds, aging us before our time.Certain foods, by their very nature, cause our body to go into an inflammatory state and make us look and feel old.  There’s no mystery about which foods these are.

If you want to stay as young as possible, make sure your skin has enough hydration. Be sure to drink a lot of water each day.Tolook goodand glow all the time, there are certain foods you need to stay away from.

Anything that’s fatty in nature, like potato chips and fries, is something that will not help you.  Pastries and doughnuts, or other sugary foods, are high in trans-fats, but they also lead to inflammation of your body.  Alcohol can make you prematurely look old.

I will never forget the time when I found out that ladies in Russia don’t date men over 30 or 40 years old. Why? Because of the amount of vodka they drink.  As a result of all that alcohol, they look and feel 10 to 20 years older than they actually are.

The best way to stop this premature aging or to feel young is to eat anti-inflammatory foods.  These foodsgive your body sufficient nutrients.  They hydrate your skin and make your skin glow. They make you feel good on the inside.

The best foods to achieve all this are foods that are as close to the source as possible.  What do I mean by this?  Think ofanything that you can get off the ground and eat almost immediately.  Any fish, protein, or plant foods from nature which we can consume without substantially converting them into another state, are what will be very good for your skin and make you look young.

So for example, green vegetables, or lettuce are great anti-inflammatory foods.  All you have to do is rinse them, put them into a salad, toss them around, and immediately you can eat and consume them.  Fish is another great example.

If you’re staying away from McDonald’s or the fast food joints, if all you do is get a piece of fish,  bake it,and put on your favorite ketchup or spices, you’re almost eating  close to the source.   Any food that you eat directly from the source is a great source of nutrients to your body.

More importantly, all the chemicals and nutrients, like vitamin C and proteins that your body really needs, are extracted directly from the food. Your body digests them, and you automatically feel better.  What you eat not only impacts the amount of pounds that you regularly pack on, it also impacts how good you look, and more importantly how good you feel.

The better you feel, the more energy you will have. This will automatically projectoutward. You will feel good and look good.

Eating and treating your body right is the best thing you can do for yourself.  Do yourself a favor. Give yourself a face lift, all by consuming and eating foods that are closer to the source than what you would usually eat.

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Why You May Have A Vitamin D Deficiency And Not Know About It

/>I was talking to my friend’s mom recently who had fallen and broken her hand. The interesting thing is that she only fell down three small steps. She rolled down them and ended up with a fracture of her arm. When the doctor treated her and put her arm into a sling, he asked her a single question: Was she getting enough Vitamin D in her diet?

You see, my friend’s mom thought she was in very great shape:  in her early 50s, fairly active, worked out regularly, and she lived in Southern California, where there is plenty of sunlight. She thought, based on her eating habits and lifestyle, that she was getting more than enough doses of Vitamin D to keep her bones and body strong. But as it turns out, once the doctor did some blood tests after she had broken her arm, she was severely lacking in Vitamin D.

If she had extra Vitamin D, her bones would be a little stronger, and the healing process would take less time to get back into shape so that she could get back to working out again.  Recent studies have shown that most people overestimate the amount of Vitamin D they have in their body. Vitamin D is one of those key nutrients we need to help us make our bones stronger.

In fact, not only does it make our bones stronger, it also helps with cardiac problems, reduces cholesterol related issues, and helps you achieve overall health, so you can deal with other problems you may have. A lot of doctors are now talking about Vitamin D as the new wonder or super drug for cancer and other illnesses that we face the possibility of on a daily basis.

Okay, so here’s a quick little pop quiz for you: Which foods do you think pack the most Vitamin D?

Sardines? Butter… and I’m talking about margarine? Or a healthy piece of salmon? Well, you got it — the answer is a healthy piece of salmon. You see, salmon has nutrients that make it a great source of Vitamin D. In turn, it helps your bones. Very few sources of food contain Vitamin D, and salmon is one of those that contains the highest level of all.

If you’re looking to make sure you have good, strong bones and don’t have any other ailments, or if you’re decreasing the chance of cancer or any heart- related ailments, then Vitamin D is a good source to start adding to your diet immediately. Remember, kids will also benefit from Vitamin D, because they are prone to break bones and have them take a long time to heal. Think about Vitamin D and how you’re using it (or not) in your daily life.

By adding Vitamin D to your diet, or having a piece of salmon at least twice a week as a substitute for other higher fat meats, it will help you in several ways:

1.  It will reduce your cholesterol by putting these disease fighting nutrients into your body.

2.  The lifestyle we live today forces us to make choices, which we don’t really want to get into, but because we are all on the go and  moving at such a rapid rate, that we end up eating poorly or making other kinds of  unhealthy choices. Adding vitamin D is a healthy choice.

3.  The next thing we do is turn to drugs to help us “fix what we broke”. There’s nothing wrong with drugs used when we really need them, but prevention is the better part of cure.

4.  In order to prevent having to use drugs in the first place, it’s better to eat natural, healthy, wholesome food that will fuel our body with the vitamins we need, rather than becoming dependent upon drugs.

So, look at your diet, look at the various foods you’re eating, and make sure you’re getting sufficient Vitamin D. If you want to take this to the next level, why not try out a workout program and get a healthy exercise routine going while you’re at it. A little bit of strength training added to increased Vitamin D intake is the one-two knockout punch to make your bones strong and help you recover from any health-related issues.

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What Do Omega-3 Fatty Acids Have to do with Your Remembering Things Easily?

/>Alzheimer’s disease is one of the biggest problems facing our nation today.  It’s no secret that as our population ages, a lot of people are showing signs of dementia and becoming very forgetful in their old age.  Ten or twenty years ago this never used to be a problem and we hardly ever heard of cases relating to Alzheimer’s disease.  –

The challenge we are facing right now is that, as our bodies are naturally aging the older we get, how to control that process with exercise, working out regularly, and doing something like yoga training for flexibility.

Although we age, our bodies can age gracefully.

The biggest challenge the human race faces is that we do not know how to make our brains age gracefully.  There are no tools or systems in place to train our brains to grow with us as we grow older or to make the brain grow even stronger and remember things.  Just face it; the older we get, there will be a natural deterioration of our brain cells, and we’re going to tend to forget things more and more, but what we don’t want is to get to a state where we completely forget everything.

Until recently, science hadn’t yet caught up to the problem of helping us find effective ways to manage our brains so they could age gracefully along with our bodies.  The latest scientific research has shown that high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids can aid people with memory problems and slow down the aging process in the brain.   Obviously, there are different scientific studies quoting different cases, but this is one of the breakthrough discoveries of science, according to the University of California at Los Angeles; that people with lower blood levels of Omega-3 fatty acids have lower brain volumes, equivalent to about 2 years of structural brain aging.

If we feed our brain the right nutrients and foods, it automatically helps us stay a little sharper and healthier as we age gracefully. Since we are already trying to feed our bodies the right food and exercise on a regular basis, there is no reason why we should not do the same for our brains.  Giving our brain tuna or salmon on a regular basis through improved dietary choices can  help not only our bodies, but increase the level of Omega-3 fatty acids, which  in turn make us sharper and healthier, giving us what we need to improve our  visual memory processing and abstract thinking– tools necessary  for the  information age we live in.


Eating Omega-3 fatty acid rich foods will not only help our bodies, but also our brains.  Making sure that we have foods with Omega-3 fatty acids is one step in the right direction that we want to be taking as we move forward into the information society and world we live in.  Five or ten years from now, we are all going to become knowledge workers, where we are working predominately with our minds.  With the advent of the Internet, apps, the cloud, and telephone communication systems, we are going to need our brains to help us process incredible amounts of information and to become even sharper thanwe are right now.

We need to keep one of our most important tools — the tool that helps us grow as human beings, makes us productive, makes us money, and keeps us alive — safe and  do everything we can to support  it while it helps us  move along through our lives.  It’s never too late to stop bad behaviors or start good ones.  Whether you’re young or old, making sure that you get the right nutrients to your brain is a good way to start to keep you sharper, healthier, and give you the tools that keep you  ahead of the curve.

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