Is a Hormone Responsible for your Eating Patterns?

If you have the experience of eating and just never being satisfied, if wanting to eat all the time, and all the wrong foods you may have a condition that is known as leptin resistance. When you eat, fat cells in your body discharges a hormone called leptin. This hormone moves to the hypothalamus or the section of your brain that controls your appetite. Once in the brain leptin turns on neuropeptide Y or the protein that communicates you that you are hungry. This acts on craving suppressing signals and instructs your brain to discontinue being hungry and start using calories.

With this in mind, it is logical to assume that those who are overweight and have an unstoppable appetite have low levels of lepin. Research, however, proves that overweight people have high levels of leptin. Basically, the more fat you have; the more of this hormone you manufacture. When your body is constantly producing leptin in response to your overeating, the receptors in your hypothalamus wear out and can no longer recognize leptin. Those with resistance to leptin have high circulating levels of this hormone, but the receptors do not recognize leptin and cannot stop your appetite or stimulate calorie burning properties in your body.


Leptin resistance is similar to insulin problems in your body. The hormone that open cells and helps them use the glucose in your blood essentially shut down. You now have insulin resistance that causes high blood glucose levels and diabetes. Leptin resistance and insulin resistance are often seen together. You can prevent both problems by exercising, losing weight and eating healthy.

To determine if you are leptin resistance and to gain appetite control, there are a few things you need to do.

  1. Look in the mirror, check out your “love handles”, and if you are overweight you are leptin resistant.
  2. You need to begin eating right to reduced your leptin resistance. Eat within 30 minutes when you wake in the morning. Eat no more than 50 grams of carbs, and fill you breakfast with proteins and fat. One recommendation is to eat eggs with meats, poultry or fish. Drink protein shakes if you must. Lunch should also contain a great deal of protein. Proteins will keep you from becoming hungry.
  3. Do not snack at all. Snacking stresses your liver and your body needs to learn when to eat. Eat three meals a day; then reduce this to two meals a day if your do not feel hungry between meals.
  4. Allow at least four hours between meals and four to five hours between your last meal and sleeping. Work out after five pm.
  5. If you are hungry at first at night, try meditation rather than eating.

You are becoming leptin sensitive when you begin to notice weight loss, improved sleeping patterns, your sweating patterns change and you have higher energy levels. Your hunger and cravings are reduced and sleep is refreshing. After these symptoms begin and you feel energetic, it is time to start kicking up your exercise regimes.

Built a Better Butt

The gluts or the gluteals are the strongest muscles in your body. They are used to help you walk and as hip extensions. To keep your body looking awesome and appealing, plus your legs working properly, you need to make sure these glut muscles get a special workout. Walking, jumping, climbing, and running are all exercises that help the gluteals remain strong. To further keep these muscles going you need to do squats, leg lifts and lunges. Following some squatting exercise that should be done at least three times a week are the best answers to a great butt.

  • One-legged squat is perfect if you are used to working out. Stand and balance your weight on you right leg. Bring your left toes about an inch off the ground. Make sure your head is up and your body straight. Tighten your abs and keep your right heel on the ground. Keep your legs in alignment; don’t let your knee go over your toe. Lower your body as far to the ground as you can. Exhale, stand up straight and keep balancing on your right leg. Do this in sets, or at least three times in succession. Now, take a deep breath and do the exact same routine while balancing on your left leg. This teaches balance, endurance, and strengthens each leg.
  • Sumo squat is a good exercise that builds up strength in the outer and inner thigh muscles. Your feet should be as wide apart as you can and make sure to point your toes out. Lower your entire body until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Hold this position for a few seconds. Exhale and move back to standing up. Repeat this routine at least five times. Now relax and take a cleansing breath.
  • The traditional squat is perfect if you are new to exercising or just don’t feel the strength in your legs and gluts, yet. Place your feet at least hip width apart and keep your body weight on your heels. Tighten you abs and square your shoulders over your hips. Sit or squat as if you were getting reading to sit on a chair. Keep your back perfectly straight, and then return to a standing position while straightening your legs. Repeat this exercise as many times as you can in a session.


If you prefer to use exercise machines, take advantage of the machine leg press. If you are a beginner, use very little weight and put your feet high on the exercise plate and wider than your shoulders. Point your toes outwards and tuck in your chest. Keep your feet stable and lower the machine plate towards you. Keep lowering the plate until you feel pulling and stretching in the back of your thighs. Repeat this routine and gradually add more and more weight as you feel comfortable.

After exercising with squats and the machine leg press for a few weeks, you will find the muscles in your gluts are tighter and more firm. You are now on your way to great butt muscles.

Beat the Heat: Five Tips

The summer of 2012 has been one of the hottest summers on record and when you are exercising or doing outdoor activities it is important to keep cool. Most fitness routines can be demanding and the added heat can trigger heatstroke. Use these five distinct tips to keep cool and safe during humid and hot weather.

  1. The hottest part of the day is between 10 am and 3 pm. With this in mind, workout early in the morning or later in the evening. If you are exercising outside, make sure the sun is not directly overhead; the height of the sun is a direct factor in UV rays and heat strokes.
  2. Make sure you wear the proper clothing for the hot weather. Your body cools itself by sweating sowear loose fitting clothes that allow perspiration to evaporate from your body.  Lighter clothing colors do not absorb as much heat from the sun as darker colors and make sure you wear a hat or sun visor to keep the sun out of your eyes. Sunglasses can also work.
  3. When exercising, working or playing outside wear sunscreen. Sunscreen also helps to keep your skin from cooling off quickly and using up fluids. Use sunscreens that do not contain oxybenzone or a chemical compound that can cause hormone disruptions. Apply sunscreen at least thirty minutes before going outside to get the full benefits.
  4. Make sure your keep hydrated. Sweating dehydrates the body quickly and you need to drink at least four to eight ounces every fifteen minutes while you work out in the sun. If you exercise for over an hour you also need to drink a sports drink with electrolytes or have a healthy snack. Be aware that you will lose salt due to sweat and salt is necessary for body functions.
  5. Monitor your heart rate when working outside. Your body increases the blood flow to your skin to help cool you off. This blood movement actually moves blood from your muscles and can elevate your heart rate. If you are not used to exercising in the heat you will find your target heart rate will be reached with much less effort. Take your exercise programs slow and increase your intensity as you learn your heart rate and body conditions.

The best advice for hot weather exercising is to keep cool, hydrated, and continually check your heart rate. If you must exercise or work outside during the heat of the day it is a good idea to find a patch of shade to keep the sun off your body. It might also be a great idea to find a gym to exercise in since most commercial and private gyms are air conditioned and maintained for workouts. The best advice is for you to work out early in the morning or early in the evening. By following these tips you can maintain your daily exercise routines and still stay cool, safe, and energized.

lakeview fitness chicago il – Work Your Legs with This Exercise

Watching a sumo wrestling match can be highly entertaining. You may think that the sumo wrestlers are out of shape since they tend to be quite large and chubby looking, but don’t let appearances fool you. These wrestlers are experts at using their strength and have incredible balance. At the beginning of a sumo wrestling match two very large opponents face each other, and begin to squat in slow motion. As they lift one leg they lean to the side and strike the competition mat with one foot. This stomping motion is repeated on the other side. The resounding crash carries extreme power, and perhaps the stomping is used an intimidation weapon. The next move to this power ballet is to sink down into a squat that is very deep and legs are spread wide apart. Try to imitate the pose. You will find that it takes a great deal of strength and training to stomp, stomp and squat. Follow this sumo-inspired exercise to help strengthen your outer and inner thighs. You can wear the sumo costume if you want, but any exercise clothes will work. You may want to consult with your doctor if you have any underlying conditions that might cause balance problems.

• Stand and place your feet wide apart. Use your shoulders as a guide; your feet should be more than shoulder width apart. Point your toes to the front of the room and keep your knees over your toes. (Visualize a sumo stance.)
• With your legs and toes in this position lower your body. The goal is to eventually bring your thighs parallel to the floor. Focus on sitting rather than bending. Keep your weight on your heels and hold the back straight.
• Hold this position, count to ten, and then slowly stand up. Maintain a deep breathing pattern through your mouth and nose as you count and begin to stand. It helps to push off with the heels of your feet and squeeze your butt and inner thighs as you rise.
• Inhale as you lower down into the squat and exhale as you come up. Repeat this same exercise or procedure several times.
• Make sure your shoulders are lined up with your hips during the entire exercise. Try not to lean forward or extend your knees. Draw in your abs and keep your back from arching. Keep breathing during all phases of this posture. Try to keep your body straight and your legs inline. Poor form doing this exercise can cause injuries.
• Keep hydrated as you execute this exercise. The intense straining can cause you to sweat profusely.

You will be amazed at the high difficulty in performing this exercise , but like all difficult exercises you will also be thrilled at how toned and strengthened your inner and outer thighs have become with regular practice. The next time you watch a sumo match, you will appreciate that these wrestlers are not funny or flabby, but powerhouses of strength and balance and intensely serious about their craft.

Top personal trainers in chicago – Eat Right and Stay on Track this Summer

Summer picnics and barbeques tend to make you forget your fitness and nutrition goals. Summer seems to be a great time to let go on your exercise and nutrition plans by giving you reasons to eat burgers, hot dogs, potato salad and chips. It may be fun to gorge on steaks and homemade ice creams and drink sodas until you burst. These are not the scenes you want! You can still have a fun-filled and food-filled summer by following just a few tips to keep you on track.

  1. Food is probably the biggest culprit to letting down on goals. You need to keep your eating habits simple and organic during the summer. You can do this by finding health treats at a barbeque or brining your own foods to share with friends and family. Plan ahead on what you will do if offered tempting but fattening dishes.
  2. Don’t undo your hard work by stuffing yourself. Remind yourself of your fitness goals and turn down the mayo-laden potato or macaroni salad and look for the lean cuts of meat on the grill. You don’t need to skip on deserts; just forego the ice creams and pies and turn to cool sorbets and watermelons.
  3. There are many wonderful and summery dishes you can take to picnics and use these at your own summer party.
  • Grilled Salmon Skewers with Rosemary

Mince fresh rosemary and garlic and mix with olive oil, lemon zest, and lemon juice. Use sea salt sparingly. Spread on wild Alaskan salmon fillets. Skewer the salmon with cherry tomatoes, summer squash and pineapple. Good on a medium-high grill. This dish should take only five minutes to cook.

  • Mango Salad with raspberries and avocado will hit the spot for something light and sweet. Take organic raspberries and puree with olive oil, red wine vinegar, garlic and salt and pepper. Place lettuce in a bowl and combine with mango, avocado and red onions. Pour the raspberry dressing over the greens and toss with croutons or hazelnuts.
  • For dessert you can try low fat frozen yogurts, or try a healthy apple, berry, and banana smoothie to top off your meal. Apple juice, fresh strawberries and a banana along with a scoop of whey protein powder can be added to a blender with ice cubes then blended. Pour into fun cups, add cut up strawberries to the side and a cute umbrella straw. Nothing better on a hot summer night.
  • Offer plenty of ice water, low calories ice tea or you can even use sugar-free fresh homemade lemonade as a beverage of choice.

Look for awesome recipes for summer eating in magazines or on health and fitness websites.  You can find foods that will tempt your palate, impress your friends and neighbors and keep you on track for health and fitness. Don’t forget to take a thirty-minute stroll after dinner to keep your digestive juices flowing and your body working. Bring along your friends and neighbors to give them a taste of exercise and fitness.

Chicago Personal Trainer

Using a website helps Lauren from Cardington, Ohiolose weight

Lauren from Cardington Ohio weighted185 pounds when she began found a website fitness program that gave her back her confidence and her natural ability as an athlete. Using many diet programs over the course of several years, Lauren just kept ballooning and lost her will to get up and move. Just before she turned thirty hit rock bottom and her social drinking cascaded into alcoholism and food binging. Her family suffered from her poor decisions and at the age of thirty Lauren decided that enough was enough.  Using a website for promotions, support and ideas Lauren started a running program that forced her to look for future 5k opportunities. But first Lauren had to follow running suggestions and programs to get in shape.


  1. Talk to your physician before starting any exercise programs. Being overweight means taking it easy at first. Run to lose weight, but do not get injured. If you have underlying health issues, discuss all exercise programs with your physician.
  2. You need to find the proper running gear. This means proper shoes. Makeyour shoes the priority of your gear purchases to protect your feet and legs from damage, shin splints, and over tired muscles. Wearing the proper running gear will help you feel like you can succeed!
  3. Diet is highly important when trying to lose weight with any exercise program. You need to use up more calories than what you eat. Running will help burn a few calories but you do need to make sure you are eating organic and healthy fruits and vegetables. Running will not take off weight and inches if you continue to eat processed foods, ice creams and candy bars while drinking sugary sodas.
  4. Eat for energy. It is not necessary to go on a strict diet and to straight into running. You need energy and nutrients to get the most from running. It is best to change your diet gradually and introduce healthy foods into every meal.


Lauren began to utilize running programs and use the website to develop dedication and drive to achieve her goals.  She found support from like-mined people who wanted to lose weight and Lauren purchased a set of training DVS and began to work out. Endless support from websites and motivation from personal trainers propelled her through this never ending battle. Whenever Lauren felt she was slipping she would look at herself in the mirror and know that she did not want to be overweight and unloved. After four months of intense training interspersed with website and trainer support, Lauren reduced her weight to 112 pounds. This was less than she weighed when she was in high school. Today Lauren runs 5K marathons and is very fit. Lauren’s advice is to lose your unhealthy foods, identify triggers and disarm them. Getting to the end of eating and weight issues will provide a stronger and thinner person and put a smile on your face when people stop and stare.

Lakeview Personal Trainer Certification

The demand for certification in personal training is currently growing and Lakeview personal trainer certification is no exception to the rule, especially if you want to practice as personal trainer in Lakeview. The fitness profession here has recently seen a very high personnel turn-over with the ongoing boom in the fitness and health industry. The personal training profession, therefore, is much in need of qualified and trained people who will impart the correct lessons to those who hire them to chalk out their exercise regimens, diet plans and to get that sculpted body that so desperately want to get.

To get Lakeview personal trainer certification, you have to enroll yourself into a recognized institution that imparts such specialized training, study hard and clear the exam set by your college or certifying organization. However, making the correct choice when it comes to the right institution may be somewhat difficult and needs careful consideration before you finally zero in on one. You will first have to work out the clientele you would like to work with after qualifying and then accordingly go for the courses that the institute offers.

Lakeview personal trainer certification may be obtained from one such recognized institute that caters to your specific training demands. If you are keen on yoga or the martial arts, look for institutes that give such specialized training. Finances too, are important and you need to thoroughly check out their fees before you enroll. Otherwise, you could end up having to leave halfway because you simply can’t afford it any more. The best and most reliable certification is given by the National Association of Sports Medicine and its Gold Standard Personal Training Certification is the most widely recognized.

For those wishing to set up base in Lakeview as personal trainers, the Lakeview personal trainer certification is a must to establish your credibility that you are indeed trained, experienced and know your job. You may even get yourself certified by the ACSM or the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), which again is nationally recognized and does open many doors for newly trained personal instructors. These courses encompass all health related issues like first aid, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and dietetics to name a few, which go into the making of a complete physical instructor. The American Council on Exercise or ACE is another body that provides traditional training and the National Strength and Conditioning Association or NSCA offers specialized courses for the Certified Personal Trainers (CPT) as also Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS). You could opt for either, the latter being for advanced training of athletes.

Before you take up Lakeview personal trainer certification, look out for the kind of certification that is most widely accepted in Lakeview area. Talk to the gyms that hire personal trainers and what are their qualifications and experience levels. This will help you decide and prepare for your next course of action. However, getting your certification does not mean that you will be flooded with clients immediately. It will eventually be your ability that will determine how you get more clients and more importantly, how you manage to retain them through hard work and sincerity so that they recommend you to others.

But do remember that getting your Lakeview personal trainer certification is just the beginning of your career in the physical fitness industry or the proverbial tip of the iceberg. As the taste of the pudding lies in eating it, all that will eventually matter is the results that you help your clients achieve and it is on this that they will recommend you to their friends and associates or even retain you in the long run themselves. Once you build up that reputation, you can be assured of an ever growing client base that will keep your cash box ringing.

How To Get Lakeview Personal Trainer Jobs

With the recent boom in the fitness industry in the Lakeview region, there is an appreciable rise in Lakeview personal trainer jobs as more and more fitness freaks are opting for that personalized touch by hiring personal trainers. This makes it easier for newcomers to find clients and also ample employment opportunities in the city’s health clubs and gyms.

The appropriate suitability of Lakeview personal trainer jobs, however, depend on what kind of training you want to give to your clients. If you are an yoga expert, you should look for jobs that will utilize your talents as one and not as a weight training expert. The practical thing to do is to zero in on those places or clients who want the training that you are capable of giving. It’s all a matter of demand and supply in simple economic parlance.

If you are on the lookout for Lakeview personal trainer jobs, the first places you must tap are the local gyms, health clubs or fitness centers. These are good starting points and will most likely have an opening for the kind of services you offer. You may even try local corporate offices that have gyms for their employees and could get a regular job there as a physical instructor. This is because many employers nowadays have realized that by offering to keep employees fit, they get more productivity out of them. These companies also pay well and you could also become a regular employee as a physical instructor with a decent pay and perks.

Lakeview personal trainer jobs are also available at getaway destinations and resorts which are close to Lakeview  which are equipped with state-of-the-art gyms and which offer health packages to their guests when they stay there. So if you are a Lakeview local, chances are pretty strong that you might land a job in these places and a happy guest will always recommend your services to others when they leave. This way you could also increase your private clientele who want to train at home under personal guidance. Other ideal places would be rehabilitation centers or convalescence homes for those recovering from major illnesses where you could find employment to assist chiropractors and physiotherapists, who apart from working at the center will also refer you to private clients whom they service themselves.

To get the dream Lakeview personal trainer jobs, look at yourself first as an employer and not an employee. If you want to hog the profits fully, then self employment is the best option. However, this could be difficult for a starter in the profession but also with a little grit and determination, you can eventually do it, provided you market yourself well. The ideal thing to do is to work in a well known gym or health club and gradually build your client base from there till you feel that you are strong enough to branch out on your own. Try to work out innovative fitness packages for individual body types, age groups and patients. Once these catch on, you won’t have any difficulty in running your own fitness business. You could also establish contact with local YMCAs and hospitals and organize group exercising sessions for free at the Rotary Clubs in the area or facilities at park districts. This would certainly help in your branding and positive image creation.


Factors That Determine Lakeview Personal Trainer Cost

Unlike the bigger cities like Chicago, New York or Hollywood where hiring a personal trainer can cost a pile, Lakeview personal trainer cost is relatively cheaper. But then again, the cost of hiring a personal trainer in Lakeview will depend on his education, location, experience, the contract terms for personal training and the package he offers.

Lakeview personal trainer cost is likely to be higher if the trainer has a gold certification from the National association of Sports Medicine (NASM), the most widely recognized institute and which imparts specialized training to those who qualify. Similarly, a trainer’s experience will also push his charges up and he will usually come recommended by people whom he has been serving for a long time. Undoubtedly, he is in demand and that automatically calls for higher rates. However, do remember that being expensive does not always necessarily mean that the person is absolutely the tops and is ideally suited for you.

Proximity to the client and the personal trainer’s location is also another factor that decides on variations in Lakeview personal trainer cost. If your trainer is living miles way from your house, then he has to drive down and in order to cover his conveyance costs, he will charge you more. Moreover, if you are a resident of a posh locality in Lakeview, it is most likely that he will ask for more knowing that you in all probability can afford it.  The training session’s length is also another major factor for settling the cost terms. The contract that you make with your personal trainer will clearly spell that out right from the beginning and the charges for a one-hour session will obviously be more than a half-hour session. Alternately, rates per session dip if you take six or twelve month contracts as against ninety day or six-week packages.

The type or kind of training package that you choose will also be responsible for what you pay in terms of Lakeview personal trainer cost. Shared sessions are comparatively cheaper than individual sessions. For instance, a trainer charging $55 per hour for one client will automatically reduce rates to $80 per hour for training two people simultaneously. This would reduce individual costs to $40 per hour instead of $55. Payment terms are also flexible with some trainers wanting full payment up front before the training commences. Others, especially newcomers may even offer you the option of bi-weekly or monthly payments. Paying up front also has certain discounts going with it and this could help you cut costs also. Even late cancellations or missed sessions could leave you the poorer. In case of a dire emergency which leads to last minute cancellation, most trainers will let go once or even twice, provided you don’t make a regular habit of it.

Lakeview personal trainer cost usually varies between $25 for an hour to $50-$70 per session. This again is dependant on the trainer’s track record, certification, education, references and results they show to those who work out with them regularly.

Amber from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma makes losing weight seem easy

Amber from Oklahoma City began an online/web program to lose 90 pounds and reached a goal of winning the 10-Ton Challenge. Best of all however, Amber won her life back and is now able to play softball, run track, and compete in basketball. Amber was always weight conscious and in shape during her entire life. During her college years and when Amber never gained weight, it was discovered that Amber had a bacterial ulcer that prevented food from being absorbed into her body. This was the main reasons she did not put on weight. Her doctor prescribed high dosages of antibiotics and her ulcer was healed. The unfortunate part to this story is her body was so starved for so long that when Amber could finally eat, everything went to weight. For ten years of eating everything she wanted, Amber weighed in at 247 pounds. The day of her sister’s wedding; Amber looked in the mirror and vowed to lose 100 pounds.

  • Assess your fitness level by checking your pulse before and after you walk one mile. Determine how long it takes you to walk that mile. Figure out how many pushups you can do at a time and figure out if you can reach your toes while seated in a chair. Measure your waist and determine your body mass index.
  • Write down fitness goals and create a balanced routine.
  • You should determine to work out at least 150 minute per week. Try to make this aerobic activity or strength training that includes walking, swimming, or jogging.
  • Make sure you go at your own pace and start slowly. Allow time for recovery and include different activities to prevent boredom.
  • Work out steadily to prevent injuries to your body. Running on a treadmill at the optimum cardio time is a great place to start.
  • As you increase your stamina turn up the treadmill and move on to another speed. Move your arms in time with your legs. Gradually increase the speed of the treadmill at each session. Be comfortable with each plateau before going on to another high.
  • Throw out all your bad food and restock your pantry with healthy foods. Begin an eating regimen that includes organic and fresh foods. Stay away from packaged meats and cheeses.

Amber stresses that the extra weight she carried around for over ten years weighed her down mentally as well as physically. Her personality suffered and she felt like the “sky was falling in” all the time. After her 90 pound weight loss Amber began to be the person she was meant to be. She can now laugh at herself and others, she has found the sheer joy in living, and her weight plan has given her back years of her life. It doesn’t take a bacterial ulcer or stomach infection to cause you to lose weight. The reason to lose weight is always within you. Look good, feel good, and be the person you were born to be.