lakeview fitness chicago il – Work Your Legs with This Exercise

Watching a sumo wrestling match can be highly entertaining. You may think that the sumo wrestlers are out of shape since they tend to be quite large and chubby looking, but don’t let appearances fool you. These wrestlers are experts at using their strength and have incredible balance. At the beginning of a sumo wrestling match two very large opponents face each other, and begin to squat in slow motion. As they lift one leg they lean to the side and strike the competition mat with one foot. This stomping motion is repeated on the other side. The resounding crash carries extreme power, and perhaps the stomping is used an intimidation weapon. The next move to this power ballet is to sink down into a squat that is very deep and legs are spread wide apart. Try to imitate the pose. You will find that it takes a great deal of strength and training to stomp, stomp and squat. Follow this sumo-inspired exercise to help strengthen your outer and inner thighs. You can wear the sumo costume if you want, but any exercise clothes will work. You may want to consult with your doctor if you have any underlying conditions that might cause balance problems.

• Stand and place your feet wide apart. Use your shoulders as a guide; your feet should be more than shoulder width apart. Point your toes to the front of the room and keep your knees over your toes. (Visualize a sumo stance.)
• With your legs and toes in this position lower your body. The goal is to eventually bring your thighs parallel to the floor. Focus on sitting rather than bending. Keep your weight on your heels and hold the back straight.
• Hold this position, count to ten, and then slowly stand up. Maintain a deep breathing pattern through your mouth and nose as you count and begin to stand. It helps to push off with the heels of your feet and squeeze your butt and inner thighs as you rise.
• Inhale as you lower down into the squat and exhale as you come up. Repeat this same exercise or procedure several times.
• Make sure your shoulders are lined up with your hips during the entire exercise. Try not to lean forward or extend your knees. Draw in your abs and keep your back from arching. Keep breathing during all phases of this posture. Try to keep your body straight and your legs inline. Poor form doing this exercise can cause injuries.
• Keep hydrated as you execute this exercise. The intense straining can cause you to sweat profusely.

You will be amazed at the high difficulty in performing this exercise , but like all difficult exercises you will also be thrilled at how toned and strengthened your inner and outer thighs have become with regular practice. The next time you watch a sumo match, you will appreciate that these wrestlers are not funny or flabby, but powerhouses of strength and balance and intensely serious about their craft.