Top personal trainers in chicago – Eat Right and Stay on Track this Summer

Summer picnics and barbeques tend to make you forget your fitness and nutrition goals. Summer seems to be a great time to let go on your exercise and nutrition plans by giving you reasons to eat burgers, hot dogs, potato salad and chips. It may be fun to gorge on steaks and homemade ice creams and drink sodas until you burst. These are not the scenes you want! You can still have a fun-filled and food-filled summer by following just a few tips to keep you on track.

  1. Food is probably the biggest culprit to letting down on goals. You need to keep your eating habits simple and organic during the summer. You can do this by finding health treats at a barbeque or brining your own foods to share with friends and family. Plan ahead on what you will do if offered tempting but fattening dishes.
  2. Don’t undo your hard work by stuffing yourself. Remind yourself of your fitness goals and turn down the mayo-laden potato or macaroni salad and look for the lean cuts of meat on the grill. You don’t need to skip on deserts; just forego the ice creams and pies and turn to cool sorbets and watermelons.
  3. There are many wonderful and summery dishes you can take to picnics and use these at your own summer party.
  • Grilled Salmon Skewers with Rosemary

Mince fresh rosemary and garlic and mix with olive oil, lemon zest, and lemon juice. Use sea salt sparingly. Spread on wild Alaskan salmon fillets. Skewer the salmon with cherry tomatoes, summer squash and pineapple. Good on a medium-high grill. This dish should take only five minutes to cook.

  • Mango Salad with raspberries and avocado will hit the spot for something light and sweet. Take organic raspberries and puree with olive oil, red wine vinegar, garlic and salt and pepper. Place lettuce in a bowl and combine with mango, avocado and red onions. Pour the raspberry dressing over the greens and toss with croutons or hazelnuts.
  • For dessert you can try low fat frozen yogurts, or try a healthy apple, berry, and banana smoothie to top off your meal. Apple juice, fresh strawberries and a banana along with a scoop of whey protein powder can be added to a blender with ice cubes then blended. Pour into fun cups, add cut up strawberries to the side and a cute umbrella straw. Nothing better on a hot summer night.
  • Offer plenty of ice water, low calories ice tea or you can even use sugar-free fresh homemade lemonade as a beverage of choice.

Look for awesome recipes for summer eating in magazines or on health and fitness websites.  You can find foods that will tempt your palate, impress your friends and neighbors and keep you on track for health and fitness. Don’t forget to take a thirty-minute stroll after dinner to keep your digestive juices flowing and your body working. Bring along your friends and neighbors to give them a taste of exercise and fitness.

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