Using a website helps Lauren from Cardington, Ohiolose weight

Lauren from Cardington Ohio weighted185 pounds when she began found a website fitness program that gave her back her confidence and her natural ability as an athlete. Using many diet programs over the course of several years, Lauren just kept ballooning and lost her will to get up and move. Just before she turned thirty hit rock bottom and her social drinking cascaded into alcoholism and food binging. Her family suffered from her poor decisions and at the age of thirty Lauren decided that enough was enough.  Using a website for promotions, support and ideas Lauren started a running program that forced her to look for future 5k opportunities. But first Lauren had to follow running suggestions and programs to get in shape.


  1. Talk to your physician before starting any exercise programs. Being overweight means taking it easy at first. Run to lose weight, but do not get injured. If you have underlying health issues, discuss all exercise programs with your physician.
  2. You need to find the proper running gear. This means proper shoes. Makeyour shoes the priority of your gear purchases to protect your feet and legs from damage, shin splints, and over tired muscles. Wearing the proper running gear will help you feel like you can succeed!
  3. Diet is highly important when trying to lose weight with any exercise program. You need to use up more calories than what you eat. Running will help burn a few calories but you do need to make sure you are eating organic and healthy fruits and vegetables. Running will not take off weight and inches if you continue to eat processed foods, ice creams and candy bars while drinking sugary sodas.
  4. Eat for energy. It is not necessary to go on a strict diet and to straight into running. You need energy and nutrients to get the most from running. It is best to change your diet gradually and introduce healthy foods into every meal.


Lauren began to utilize running programs and use the website to develop dedication and drive to achieve her goals.  She found support from like-mined people who wanted to lose weight and Lauren purchased a set of training DVS and began to work out. Endless support from websites and motivation from personal trainers propelled her through this never ending battle. Whenever Lauren felt she was slipping she would look at herself in the mirror and know that she did not want to be overweight and unloved. After four months of intense training interspersed with website and trainer support, Lauren reduced her weight to 112 pounds. This was less than she weighed when she was in high school. Today Lauren runs 5K marathons and is very fit. Lauren’s advice is to lose your unhealthy foods, identify triggers and disarm them. Getting to the end of eating and weight issues will provide a stronger and thinner person and put a smile on your face when people stop and stare.