Amber from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma makes losing weight seem easy

Amber from Oklahoma City began an online/web program to lose 90 pounds and reached a goal of winning the 10-Ton Challenge. Best of all however, Amber won her life back and is now able to play softball, run track, and compete in basketball. Amber was always weight conscious and in shape during her entire life. During her college years and when Amber never gained weight, it was discovered that Amber had a bacterial ulcer that prevented food from being absorbed into her body. This was the main reasons she did not put on weight. Her doctor prescribed high dosages of antibiotics and her ulcer was healed. The unfortunate part to this story is her body was so starved for so long that when Amber could finally eat, everything went to weight. For ten years of eating everything she wanted, Amber weighed in at 247 pounds. The day of her sister’s wedding; Amber looked in the mirror and vowed to lose 100 pounds.

  • Assess your fitness level by checking your pulse before and after you walk one mile. Determine how long it takes you to walk that mile. Figure out how many pushups you can do at a time and figure out if you can reach your toes while seated in a chair. Measure your waist and determine your body mass index.
  • Write down fitness goals and create a balanced routine.
  • You should determine to work out at least 150 minute per week. Try to make this aerobic activity or strength training that includes walking, swimming, or jogging.
  • Make sure you go at your own pace and start slowly. Allow time for recovery and include different activities to prevent boredom.
  • Work out steadily to prevent injuries to your body. Running on a treadmill at the optimum cardio time is a great place to start.
  • As you increase your stamina turn up the treadmill and move on to another speed. Move your arms in time with your legs. Gradually increase the speed of the treadmill at each session. Be comfortable with each plateau before going on to another high.
  • Throw out all your bad food and restock your pantry with healthy foods. Begin an eating regimen that includes organic and fresh foods. Stay away from packaged meats and cheeses.

Amber stresses that the extra weight she carried around for over ten years weighed her down mentally as well as physically. Her personality suffered and she felt like the “sky was falling in” all the time. After her 90 pound weight loss Amber began to be the person she was meant to be. She can now laugh at herself and others, she has found the sheer joy in living, and her weight plan has given her back years of her life. It doesn’t take a bacterial ulcer or stomach infection to cause you to lose weight. The reason to lose weight is always within you. Look good, feel good, and be the person you were born to be.