A Single Parent Learns to Change Exercises Plans to Lose Weight

Just like many other stories, this single parent’s story began when she was thin and active. Team sports were her life, but changing jobs and becoming a mom started her on the path toward finding comfort in the kitchen cupboard. Eating was a stress reliever and she felt like food was her friend. Four years of marriage ended in divorce and single parenthood which lead to more binge eating. After the death of her mother, however this single mom decided that she needed to regain her healthy weight. Fad diets, crazy exercise routines and more diets did not work. Her major wake-up call came when she had to be literally pulled out of a restaurant booth. Her weight loss story begins with The Biggest Loser and the motivation she received from watching this program. Everything taught about weight loss during this program made sense and she determined to get off the couch and out of the cupboard. These two factors alone were major goals. This mom did find her motivation however in several simple tricks.


  • Using message boards, web site information, and the tips and tricks to food tracking found on web sites was the first step.


  • Finding and using an exercise plan was the second step. The winters in her northern home kept her from the gym, but she found an excellent program on the web and through The Biggest Loser. By ordering and receiving exercise CDs, she was on her way.


  • After the CDs arrived, this mom was full of enthusiasm and began to work out. Nope, it was more fun to watch the exercise CDs on TV and eat cookies.


  • Trying to follow the instructions on the CD was the third step. It was difficult to maintain the pace, but will power soon took over.


  • After working through several exercise CDs this single mother of one found that mixing up exercise strategies provided both the entertainment value and the needed exercise. Doing just one exercise over and over is good, but it is not optimum way to lose weight. Change up and diversify is the key.


  • Begin with cardio exercises, then move into strength training, follow with core workouts and finish with recreational activities. Alternate these forms every time you work out. Focus on one program a day; change up the next day.


  • Keep going. It will take time to work up to at least 30 minutes per day doing some form of exercise. Walk during lunch, play tennis, jump rope or run. The key is to keep moving; don’t just sit on the couch eating.


When this single mom started her journey she weighed 206 pounds and was 5’3”. It took six month of determination, but she lost 50 pounds and is still losing. Right now she lives a very energetic life and is able to run up stairs, play ball with her son, and enjoys a positive attitude. Volunteering at sports events and for charitable programs is a fulfilled dream. Get off the couch and start living your life.