Just like Overuse of Antibiotics, Over Exercising Can be Counter Productive

It seems as though antibiotics have become the everlasting drug of choice for anything that is bothersome or threatening. We use antibacterial products to kill every germ that is around and by doing so you are eliminating bacteria that are beneficial. It is counterproductive to rid all bacteria and you do need to be aware that some germs are good germs. In the same way, exercising is like antibiotic use. You feel that exercising is the end of all your weight woes and you exercise to excess. By doing so, you are actually causing your blood vessels, lungs, and heart to work overtime.

  • Using antibiotics to whip out bacteria to excess means you also kill probiotics or the best disease defenses. Over use of antibiotics can lead to resistance. These drugs become ineffective and are useable when you really need them.
  • Excessive exercise is similar to antibiotic overuse. When you exercise too much your body is unable to perform at its best. If you exercise excessively you soon realize that your body will start deteriorating.
  • To replenish your body from antibiotic overuse, learn to eat right and the use the right kinds of foods. Organic low-fat yogurt will help replenish beneficial bacteria and organic meats will provide for healthy metabolisms.


  • Avoid over exercising to prevent chronic muscle soreness. Soreness and pain that last longer than occasional muscle stiffness means that you are not allowing your muscles to replenish themselves. Glycogen in your muscles that provide energy are being depleted and your muscles are actually burning muscle mass to generate enough fuel to just keep going throughout the day.
  • Avoid taking antibiotics every time you have just a little sniffle and begin to use judgment in your use of medications.
  • Gaining a bit of weight is not a bad thing. Often the weight you gain is an indication of muscle mass being built up. You need to find a happy medium between weight loss, muscle mass, and losing the muscle mass you have built up.


  • Over use of antibiotics will result in your body not recognizing the power of this miracle medicine. Your body has become used to antibiotics and you will not be able to fight off the infections that come with an injury.
  • Exercising increases your heart rate and it is proven that your heart rate is higher than normal during resting periods after exercise. If you continue to exercise excessively, the rest periods you give yourself will just not be enough. Over exercising can cause blood vessels to brust which will ultimately result in death.
  • Be smart when you exercise. Change exercises often and do different strengthening programs. Run on the treadmill one day; do aerobics the next and yoga at a third session.

Just like overuse of antibiotics, doing more exercises than needed is harmful. Find a happy medium in using medication to prevent a cold and this same happy medium in exercising. You will be better for it.