Is Doing Only One Thing Good Enough for Fitness and Making You Look Sexy?

Imagine for a second you only had one muscle group in your body comprised of your hands.  You used your hands to do everything for you.  They helped you to walk, talk, eat, perform some sexual functions, and everything else in your daily life.

Now this probably sounds like it makes no sense at all.  How could your hands do everything for your body?  Before you knew it, we would all be leading shorter life spans and our hands would be totally worn off by the amount of activity we asked them to do for us every day.

We obviously need more than one muscle group or body part activity to help us live our normal lives.  It’s the same thing that applies to us when we get exercise advice.  Most of the advice we get is to start just one activity or one type of exercise that will then keep us in shape, make us look great, and have the best life that we can lead.

That is absolutely wrong.  Getting started with one exercise or activity is just a good starting point, not the end of what you should be doing.  Let’s assume you have never done any fitness exercises and desire to get in shape andchange your life around, building up good habits.

Running, swimming, or even walking up stairs is a good way to help you get into a movement routine andstart shedding off and keeping off the pounds.But that’s just one part of what you should be doing.

Don’tneglect the other areas of your body like cardio for your heart, aerobic for your lungs, or building muscle mass with weight training. Don’tlet other partsof your body take second place.

If you were only doing cardio as a daily workout,the rest of your body would suffer injuries. Why? Because the muscles you are asking to do sudden weight lifting will end up becoming strained from their previous lack of activity.

Let’s face it, we want certain parts of our body to be toned, especially when we want to look better in our bikini or have those great looking upper arms while wearing our cocktail dresses at night.

It makes sense to do more than just one exercise at a time, in order to have an overall body that both looks and feels great.Doing one exercise at a time only is a trap from which we need to escape.Break that habit before you begin it.

Often we get out of the habit of our fitness routines or we end up not wanting to continue them because either our muscles are too sore and we don’t want to go back again, or we get bored or tired of the practice.  It’s always a good idea to diversify our workout.

What exercises should we be doing?  Let’s examine a few options:

1. The core body workout is good for your lower back and balance.  Good exercises for this are sit ups, Pilates, and some yoga.
2.Aerobics are important for one main reason: heart health.  We need our precious ticker pumping blood throughout our entire body,keeping us alive.

Good exercises like dancing, aerobics, spinning, or walking up and down a flight of stairs at a fast pace are all good activities to help us with aerobic health. More importantly, keeping our heart alive and in good working order because it’s the most important muscle in our body.

3.Strength training helps us develop good muscle mass and bone density.  We do not want to have brittle bones when we get older, because one fall can put us out of commission for a very long time. It takes a long time to heal as we get older.

Good exercises are weight training, resistance exercises, or the use of any type of weights added to your normal routine.  I’m not talking about using 30 or 40 pound weights.  I’m talking about using five or ten pound weights during your normal exercise routine.

A good method of working out that incorporates all areas of your core body, including aerobics and strength training, is boot camp or semi-private group training.  What boot camp training instructors are good at is giving youa whole variety of exercises during a 45 minute period and helping you to change it up.

More importantly, having music during the sessions to stimulate the endorphins in your body is a great motivator.It makes the exercise routine much more exciting and enjoyable while you’re working out.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that only one exercise a day is going to change your life and your body forever.  Mix up your daily exercise routines and your body will thank you for it in the long run.

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