How Do Fitness Techniques Turn Heather into the Mom She’s Always Wanted to Be?

If you’re a mom with kids or thinking about having kids in the near future,I want to shareHeather’s story with you.  Heather is a real mom whose name is changed to protect her identity.  Heather works out in our Chicago boot camps.

Heather recently told me about the worst time in her life when she started packing on the pounds and did not even realize it was happening.  She had gotten married and in the space of five years ended up having three kids. Before she knew it, one day she was looking at herself in the mirror and was 180 pounds.

It was the heaviest she had ever been.She didn’t realize the weight had built up. It crept up on her without her noticing it was happening. She didn’t like what she saw.

She wanted to be a good wife and mom and be an inspiration for her kids.  She was almost 30 years old and wanted to feel and look her best.  Shefelt compelled to make being a momlook like a great thing to be doing, not only for herself but to as a role model for her three little kids.

The one easy thing that Heather did was modify her diet and eating plan.  She ate a lot of proteins and veggies during her normal daily routine.  Heather relayed to me what was the biggest impedimenttoturn her body around.

Maintaining her interest was much more difficult than she originally expected.  Have you ever experienced the yo-yo diet, where you eat healthily one day and then the next five days you eat badly,pack on the pounds, and repeat the same cycle over and over every week?

Just because you eat healthily for one or two days, you feel you have the luxury to jump off your schedule and eat a little bit more unhealthily for the rest of the week.  That was a break through moment for Heather.  She knew then that she really needed to get some help.

Heatherwas smart and decided, every day at 6:00am, before the kids were ready to go to school and the morning started, to get up and start playing some work out DVDs.  She bought a set of DVDs that she enjoyed and made it a priority.

There were days she didn’t feel like doing her workout, so she sat on the couch and just watched the DVD instead.  The trick here for Heather was to make surethe first thing she did in the morning wasplay these DVDs.

Over time, the DVDs became a habit for her and she followed along with them.  Somedays they had her doing high intensity aerobic exercises, others, yoga, and some days she still would only siton the couch watching them, because she felt too tired to do anything that morning.  Heather’scontinuing burning desire to lose her weight kept her going.

Before she knew it, in only eight months, she had gone from 180 pounds down to 145 pounds.  The transformation was amazing.  She found that out because people were giving her positive comments andshe initially thought it was just them being kind and trying to give her motivation to keep working out.

But people were actually commenting her new body shape which she hadn’t yet noticed had happened.   She politely smiled and took the compliments.  When she got on the scale and found out she was now 145 pounds,the true transformation in her life happened.

Her desire to work out grew even more. Heather joined us at our 9:00am workouts in our Chicago Boot Camps and shed off even more pounds.  Since then Heather has never looked back.

The key here if you are looking to make a transformation in your own life or want to be the mom or woman you’ve always thought you were capable of being, is to make sure that you get some form of motivation in your life.

With the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we do need a little extra motivation or push to take us over the edge of complacency and to being the best we can be, and this motivation may come in different forms.

In Heather’s case it was putting on the workout DVDs the first thing in the morning before she did anything else.  Your motivation could be getting a buddy to call you and working out together.

Try creating a small workout routine two or three times during the week in the evening.Try doing yoga, spinning, or working out at home.  No matter what form of exercise it is, getting a little bit of motivation and inserting it into your daily life will get you the body transformation you have been looking for.

Chicago Personal Trainer