How to Subtract Fat and Get Fitter

I loved math at school.  I know most people didn’t enjoy math, but it was one of my favorite subjects. The thing I liked about math was my ability to add, subtract and do basic functions at a much more complex level.

What’s this got to do with weight loss and getting fit, you may ask?  We are so conditioned, when it comes to weight loss, to add more things to an already expanding and growing list of activities and foods we need to eat in order to get back into shape, drop pounds, and be healthy.

We’ve been told, over and over again, that we need to add more exercise into our programs.  We need to stay away from certain foods,but add in vegetables, especially greens, protein shakes, and all the other healthy, nutritional, natural choices thatget us into better, fitter shape.

But back in school, one of my favorite math activities was subtraction. Subtraction was a very simple concept, and it is onewe can apply to our weight loss goals. Take a look at what you’re doing right now and eliminate certain things tomake you healthier and fitter faster, without adding any new things.

You can enjoy the process as you go along. Here’s a step-by-step guide for subtracting fat:

1.Avoid whitecarbs. Carbs are not completely bad for you.  You need differentchemicals and nutrients in your body and carbs are one of them.

What you want to avoid are nasty white carbs.  They sneak up on you andmake you feel like you didn’t eat enough, so you put on pounds fromeating more.Stop the white carbs now.

2.Eat the same things over and over again. I’m sure if I were to ask you a simple question:“What’s healthy in your diet that you’re eating right now?” you would automatically know the answer..

Eat more of whatever you’re already eating that’s healthy, like cereal, fruits and vegetables,lean meats, such as chicken, fish, and turkey. Eat more that is nutritious and tastyand makes you lean, trim and fitter.

Instead of eating greasy food, subtract them and eat the same healthy things over and over again, more times during the week.  Subtract the fat from your diet.

3.Stop drinking calories. This is by far the biggest thing you can do right now to get into shape and drop the pounds immediately.  Instead of having four or five cans of Coca-Cola during the day, drop that number down to one or none, or only have sugary foods on one cheat day per week.

It is a fallacy that sugar-free drinks like Diet Coke that promise they have no sugar in them are healthier for you.  They may not help you put on the pounds, but they’ve got  chemicals like Aspartame that are going to make you unhealthy and lethargic so you won’t be able to work them off later on. Subtract them from your diet.

4.Eat more greens. The more greens you eat, the fewer proteins and other foods you need to consume.Eatingleafy green foods make you feel full, allowing you to subtract or take out foods that are fattier.

5.Have a cheat day. Although we are speaking about subtraction, having a cheat day allows you to do all the other things suggested above, like eating healthily, not eating or drinking extra sugary foods, and avoiding higher fat greasy foods.

We’re only human, and without satisfying our cravings and needs by having a cheat day once in awhile, we would find it very difficult to stay on track and focus.We need a reward every so often for deleting all the other things we don’t need to get healthy, fit and in shape.Add a cheat day for your good work in subtracting the many unhealthy choices from your life.

There you go.  Subtraction could be a big ally against weight gain and will keep you fit in the longrun.

What can you subtract from your diet right now that can help you get to where you want to be in the shortest period of time? Below this post, tell me exactly what you’re going to be subtracting from your diet this week, and let us help you achieve that goal.

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