The Myth About Bread and Weight Loss and What You Really Need

Since the beginning of time,humans have used bread as a means of communicating and building relationships. In the Old Testament bread was used to symbolize friendship.A piece of bread and a glass of wine were fed to guests so we could make new friends.

Grandma used to make bread for us fresh every single day whenwe were growing up, if we were lucky. Fresh bread, straight out of the oven with some butter and cheese tasted so good.

We never used to pack on the pounds or put on additional weight while eating that way.We never had to go the gym or rely on fitness routines to keep in shape, back in the old days when we ate bread.

But bread as we knew it back then and what it has become are completely different. Today when we eat bread it’s a Frankenstein monster being shoved down our throats. Modern wheat and bread are not fit for our consumption.

The mixture that most companies put into bread today is completely different from what it was back in the olden days.Now there are chemicals used to grow the wheat,and that wheat is converted into bread which is made with a ton of chemicals, stabilizers and dough conditioners that are not healthy for us.All that is mixed together withdenatured white flourand combine to make us automatically fat.

Modern day wheat is bad, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be eating it or stopping it all together. What we should be doing is limiting our consumption of bread. The problem with bread today is it has no nutritional value, other than what is artificially added back in.

When we eat bread and see bread placed in front of us, we are like junkies.We eat it without giving much thought about it. Eating it gives us the craving to eat some more. It makes us feel full, but what we don’t realize is that it is filling us with chemicals and making us fat.

Without eating bread we feel there’sa void our meals. With no bread or rice, we are left with only proteins and vegetables and continue to feel hungry all the time.

Here are some suggestions and tips to fill the void that comes from not eating as much bread:

1. Eat whole foods. Whole foods are healthy, grown in nature, and will fill that void for us. Eating brown rice or whole grain bread that has some substance can help us feel full. We can sprout some grains or buy sprouted grain products.

Whole Foods has sprouted grain products and flours to make foods which help to fill us up with their raw grain goodness.

2. Eat nuts, vegetables, and other natural foods to fill our void.Move towards foods that are wholesome and lessprocessed.Try to choose foods as close as possible to their natural state as you can find.

Bread is not bad if you find a whole grain product which you can easily tolerate and enjoy. You can add this enjoyable substance back into your diet slowly after you have detoxed and filled your plate with salads, seeds and greens. You won’t feel bloated any more when you are following your body’s natural cravings for increased nutrition from whole foods, and whole grain bread can be a part of your well- balanced diet.

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