The Perfect Diet for a Healthy Lifestyle

Deciding to eat healthy can be easy but when it comes down to practice there are many tough choices to be made. No more processed or canned foods and welcome fresh vegetables. An ideal balanced diet must be based on the needs of your body; it should be satisfying, nutrient rich, Unlimited in variety, not extremely calorie stringent and last but not the least easy and fast to cook.

Although working on all these requirements might seem a little difficult but a healthy diet is not as difficult as it seems and can become your partner for life.

Consult your doctor: The first step to a healthy diet is to consult your family doctor who is well aware of your medical history. Ask doubts, clarify issues and only then select the perfect nutrition plan for you and your family. The three most important things about a diet are:

• choosing nutritious foods
• preparing dishes in a healthy, hygienic manner
• selecting foods and recipes to meet your requirements

Understand the emotional and physical needs of your hunger. A hunger scale can often be helpful in this regard.

Plan your meals: the main idea about nutrition plans is how much we consume, when we consume it and what does it do for us. According to experts, eating small diets many times rather than a sumptuous diet once is the key. It helps in keeping the metabolism rate of the body high. Every meal must have a serving of carbohydrates, proteins and essential fats. The diet should not make you feel deprived but should successfully satisfy your hunger.

Include fresh ingredients: as far as possible include fresh ingredients in your food. About 30% of the nutrition required by our body must come from fruits and vegetables. Leafy vegetables like spinach and broccoli are a must in the diet. Mixed vegetables or fruits in the form of a salad can add to the advantage.

Three golden rules: Any diet cannot be a perfect one. A balanced diet that has all the nutrients required for our body to function effectively is called a balanced diet. The three golden rules for a balanced diet are:
• Do not skip breakfast. It is the most important meal to start your day
• Eat a minimum of three times a day to keep your body’s metabolic rate high
• Calculate calories required and work accordingly

Drink lots of water: the best way to complement a diet is to drink lots of water. This helps in digestion and hydration.

Food pyramid: The food pyramid is easily available and can give detailed information about what to eat.

So go ahead and enjoy a healthy life style.

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