Why You May Have A Vitamin D Deficiency And Not Know About It

/>I was talking to my friend’s mom recently who had fallen and broken her hand. The interesting thing is that she only fell down three small steps. She rolled down them and ended up with a fracture of her arm. When the doctor treated her and put her arm into a sling, he asked her a single question: Was she getting enough Vitamin D in her diet?

You see, my friend’s mom thought she was in very great shape:  in her early 50s, fairly active, worked out regularly, and she lived in Southern California, where there is plenty of sunlight. She thought, based on her eating habits and lifestyle, that she was getting more than enough doses of Vitamin D to keep her bones and body strong. But as it turns out, once the doctor did some blood tests after she had broken her arm, she was severely lacking in Vitamin D.

If she had extra Vitamin D, her bones would be a little stronger, and the healing process would take less time to get back into shape so that she could get back to working out again.  Recent studies have shown that most people overestimate the amount of Vitamin D they have in their body. Vitamin D is one of those key nutrients we need to help us make our bones stronger.

In fact, not only does it make our bones stronger, it also helps with cardiac problems, reduces cholesterol related issues, and helps you achieve overall health, so you can deal with other problems you may have. A lot of doctors are now talking about Vitamin D as the new wonder or super drug for cancer and other illnesses that we face the possibility of on a daily basis.

Okay, so here’s a quick little pop quiz for you: Which foods do you think pack the most Vitamin D?

Sardines? Butter… and I’m talking about margarine? Or a healthy piece of salmon? Well, you got it — the answer is a healthy piece of salmon. You see, salmon has nutrients that make it a great source of Vitamin D. In turn, it helps your bones. Very few sources of food contain Vitamin D, and salmon is one of those that contains the highest level of all.

If you’re looking to make sure you have good, strong bones and don’t have any other ailments, or if you’re decreasing the chance of cancer or any heart- related ailments, then Vitamin D is a good source to start adding to your diet immediately. Remember, kids will also benefit from Vitamin D, because they are prone to break bones and have them take a long time to heal. Think about Vitamin D and how you’re using it (or not) in your daily life.

By adding Vitamin D to your diet, or having a piece of salmon at least twice a week as a substitute for other higher fat meats, it will help you in several ways:

1.  It will reduce your cholesterol by putting these disease fighting nutrients into your body.

2.  The lifestyle we live today forces us to make choices, which we don’t really want to get into, but because we are all on the go and  moving at such a rapid rate, that we end up eating poorly or making other kinds of  unhealthy choices. Adding vitamin D is a healthy choice.

3.  The next thing we do is turn to drugs to help us “fix what we broke”. There’s nothing wrong with drugs used when we really need them, but prevention is the better part of cure.

4.  In order to prevent having to use drugs in the first place, it’s better to eat natural, healthy, wholesome food that will fuel our body with the vitamins we need, rather than becoming dependent upon drugs.

So, look at your diet, look at the various foods you’re eating, and make sure you’re getting sufficient Vitamin D. If you want to take this to the next level, why not try out a workout program and get a healthy exercise routine going while you’re at it. A little bit of strength training added to increased Vitamin D intake is the one-two knockout punch to make your bones strong and help you recover from any health-related issues.

Chicago Personal Trainer