When the Weight Sneaks Up On You

We usually pack on the extra pounds when we’re not even aware of it. Typically, weight sneaks up on our body when we are on the run.

For example, let’s assume you’re Mom:  You get up in the morning and your day is probably quite hectic. You make breakfast, drop the kids off at school, and have a ton of errands to take care of during the day. So then what happens? You eat while you’re on the run, because your day is more important than what it is you’re eating — you have to get things done for your family.

If you’re a business person, you get up and probably have breakfast before you dash off to work. At that point, your day splits intoseveral directions, because you’re busy at meetings, making phone calls, answering emails, putting out fires…and then, whenever you have a spare moment, you sneak ingetting some food to fuel yourself in order totake you through the rest of your day. That’s the reason you pack on the pounds and the biggest reason why the weight sneaks up on you.

One day you’ll be standing on the scaleand  find its numbers inexplicably higher than you remembered. Oryou’ll be trying to fit into those jeans you want to look good in for the weekend, and your waistband will be a little tighter than usual. You see, all of us are very conscious of making good, healthy, wholesome choices, but our days sometimes derail us: we’re on the go and end up doing and eating more than we usually would, and eating unhealthy choices which force us to pack on the pounds.

Let’s take an example: If you’re busy and on the go, how do you usually eat? Most people, if they’re in front of a burger stand, will just grab burgers and fries. And let’s not forget our American favorite – submarine sandwiches, known as subs, grinders, hoagies, or heroes. The problem with subs is that they’re too big, the portion sizes are out of control, and nowadays retailers put in fatty meats with extra sauces, ketchup, and lots of cheese that turn a lunch into a banquet, calorie-wise.

We usually feel guilty after eating, knowing we should have been eating healthily in the first place. It’s not really your fault; it’s just that your lifestyle is causing you to do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do if you had the time to think about it. Our fast-paced American lifestyle forces us to eat on the run.

The way to avoid all this is to plan in advance. Here are some simple tips and rules that you could use. Even if you’re on the run, if you can just keep them in mind, this little game plan will help you eat healthily and keep the pounds off.

1. Remember when Mom used to tell us eat our vegetables? If you’re on the run, eating vegetables is always a healthy choice. Just stay away from the fatty salad dressingsor dips and, no matter which vegetables you eat, you can consume as much of them as you’d like and not worry about portion control.

2. Try to stick to snacks that are less than 100 calories. Today, there are hundreds of different snacks, whether they are chips, cookies, or other healthy options that are under100 calories. If you’re eating them, you at least know that you’re not consuming more than 100 calories at a time;you can control the portion sizes and bring down the fat. Add things like baby carrots, nuts, and Greek yogurt to a snack bag to bring while you’re on the go.

We know it’s never easy eating and running around on the go, especially if you have a busy day. But I’m going to leave you with one single thought: Especially if you know you’ll have a busy day and challenges eating, make sure you have at least one healthy meal during the entire day. Treat yourself to at least one meal during the day that you know, even if you’ve eaten badly otherwise, your body would appreciate and respect you for doing — and get all the nutrients you need to get back and stay on track.

Chicago Health Club