The Best Way to Use Yoga to Drop Pounds Before the Summer is On

I get this question all the time: Is doing yoga three to four times a week good for losing weight and for my body?  Yoga is a great exercise, especially if you want to get better flexibility, better balance and to get some strength training.  It makes you feel good.

If you have back pains or aches and your body does not feel right, after one yoga session, you will feel that something‘s changed for the better.   But, there’s a problem with just doing yoga as the only way to lose weight and get into shape.

You see, our human body needs variety to shed the pounds and, without variety in our workout, you’ll reach a plateau and never get to the level of shedding the pounds you need.  The best way for us to continue to work out and to feel good about ourselves is to stimulate ourselves with different types of workouts,which confuses our muscles so they work harder and stronger, getting you into better shape faster.

The most critical thing about losing weight is calories.  Let’s face it, the more calories you burn, the healthier you are, and this way can get to looking great.  Now, that being said, yoga is still a good way to start off a fitness program,but, if it’s  the only activity you are doing for  fitness , while certainly you may feel better,  you’re not going to be shedding pounds, getting to your ideal goal, or even becoming truly healthy, for that matter.

The best way to use yoga is to combine it into a good workout program.  Start off with strength and cardio training three times a week, and add on an additional yoga session at the beginning or end of the week   to stretch your body and feel great again.  So, though doing yoga on its own might not be the best way to drop and shed the pounds, keep the heart healthy, and make you look and feel great,by including it in your program you’ll get more flexibility and strength  along with other benefits, such as enhanced breathing.

It all comes down to: what is your goal?

If your goal is to drop a few pounds and look better, then yoga is only one piece of the exercise puzzle.  However, if you are in great shape already and can’t work out because of a medical condition, then yoga is one great alternative for you to keep going at your current rate of exercise.

Don’t believe the hype you see, that yoga is the end all or be all of all exercise fitness.  Our bodies and our minds need variety, in order to continue to progress and make improvements in our lives.  A well balanced plan will help you achieve that goal.

By the way, if you are only doing yoga, let me know your thoughts below about how this has impacted you and whether doing yoga three to four times a week has helped you drop weight.  If you are looking for better variety check out the Sheytown Bootcamps program on our location and schedule page, and schedule a free class or session for yourself.