Fix to Stop Emotional Eating Now

The simple rule of thumb to lose weight is you’ve got to eat less and move more.  So why do we have such a challenge and why is it so difficult to shed the pounds?  Well, we are humans.

God gave us emotions and, fortunately, we are not software programs.  Emotions are our biggest enemies.  They cause us to eat when we’re not really hungry,they stop us from getting into good habits, and, ultimately, they prevent us from shedding off the pounds.

Let’s face it, when we feel happy and we’re out with family, maybe we’d love to eat an extra scoop of ice cream. When we feel sad and we’ve had a fight with a loved one, or we’re just pissed off with someone, maybe we’d like to eat some ice cream again.  Obviously, that can’t be good, because our emotions are taking us on a roller coaster ride — it will be very difficult for us to get any traction to lose weight in the short-term.

Here are a few good options to implement right now to get rid of the cravings and help you manage your emotions, especially when your emotions become sneaky little enemy who’s causing you to eat more:


1.  Speak to a friend when the craving attacks.  I would strongly recommend calling someone.  Decide in advance who you’re going to call and make sure the person you call isn’t someone who stirs up emotions in you, causing you to eat more.  Make it a long call, after which time, you’ll forget about your emotions which are causing you to eat.Decide in advance, right now, the best person to call next time you feel like going on an emotional binge.


2.  Keep only healthy snacks at home.  Hey, let’s face it; if you don’t have ice cream on hand, you’re not going to eat it, right?  On your next shopping trip, make sure that you add some healthy eating snacks to your grocery list, so if your emotions do strike, you at least have some things to curb the cravings which are not unhealthy, fatty foods.


3.  Fill the gap.  The best thing to do is find activities to occupy you when your emotions attack and you feel hungry.  My favorite is listening to music, so I have a set of pick-me-up songs that I listen to every time I feel a little down.  It’s amazing how music can change your emotions and state of mind every time you listen to it.  Walk the dog.  Read a book.  Any physical activity causes you to change your emotional state and, when you’ve changed your emotion, what you’ll find is the emotional cravings will have disappeared.


4.  Keep a journal.  Every time the hunger pangs strike, and you feel sad or happy, acknowledge those feelings in your journal.  Write them down. Once a week, look for patterns to see what’s causing your emotions to move up and down, causing you to eat.


Let’s face it, life happens.  We cannot completely eliminate the emotional binging, but having these tools up front will at least help you control them so when the emotions do hit and the hunger pangs start to go up and down, you’llbe able to control them with these tools,  putting in fewer calories when you don’t need them.

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