The Sneaky Trick to Drop 5 Pounds of Weight in the Next 15 Days

My wife is busy trying to drop some weight before the summertime kicks in and bikini season starts.  Right now her weight is between 125 and 135 pounds. The reason I say her weight is between 125 and 135 pounds is simply because, depending on what is happening in our lives, she’ll either put on weight or lose weight.

For example, over the Christmas and holiday period she was closer to the 135 pounds, than she was to 125 pounds. If she works late at work or is stressed about something, the emotional eating happens, and she tends to put on more weight than not.  Other times she is very focused and disciplined, and will work out four to five times a week, eat right, and definitely get closer to 125 pounds.

Recently she’s been saying something strange, and all of a sudden it struck me the other day why she is going up and down with her weight loss. We were just coming back from the gym, and she mentioned that under absolutely no circumstance would she go over 135 pounds, ever.

Her goal now is getting on the scale and measuring herself — and she’s completely obsessed with that.  If she gets to 135 pounds, she does everything, including starving herself– which is not healthy– to get under the 135 pound limit.  Depending on her mood and how she feels, she’s completely focused on this goal.

Here’s the weird thing: She’s been saying this to me for the past three to four months,and at first I didn’t think anything about it. I just thought it was natural. Recently it struck me that this is not the most effective way to lose weight.

If you think about it, what you’re saying is,“I’m never going to get over 135 pounds.” If you keep talking to yourself like that and saying,” I’m never going to get over 135 pounds,” psychologically our brain moves towards what we don’t want to do, or what we want to do. So if you say,” I’m never going to get over 135 pounds,” what happens will be you will always hit that limit, no matter how hard you work out or try.

What if, instead of saying those words, you use this little trick:Don’t say what you want to move away from, say what you want to move towards.  Let’s assume you want to move towards 120 pounds. Keep telling yourself,”Hey, I’m going to move towards 120 pounds, no matter what happens in my life.”Now what you’re psychologically conditioning yourself to do is move to 120 pounds.

As soon as she made that one little shift in her mind, tricked her brain by talking to herself every day, and told herself,“This is what I want to move towards,” she automatically dropped a pound and kept it off. Nowadays, no matter what is going on, whether it’s holidays, family visiting, or the winter season — and you know how cold it is during winters in Chicago and how hard it is to get up and work out — just by doing that one simple little trick of moving towards what she wants, she’s not even trying, but the pounds are automatically shedding off.

The goal here is to think towards, as opposed to thinking away from. When you move towards the goal, you automatically hit it.

Recently I was reading the newspaper and saw that California has the highest rate of cars crashing into cops. Yeah, I know,that’s a pretty weird statistic.Imagine!Cars crashing into cops. It’s the highest rate of these incidents in the country.

They found that at night, whilecommuterswere concentrating on driving, the cops would pull off to the side of the highway and leave their lights on. Guess what happened?People automatically looked towards the lights, and even though they were lookingright at the lights of the car, telling themselves,“I do not want to head into this; I do not want to head into the cop car,” — still, they would automatically smash into the cop car.

Now, when the cops pull over at the side of the road, they turn their lights off,put a little glowing red triangle at the back of the car, and wear brightly colored clothes. This has immediately reduced the rate of accidents and of people smashing into police cars. So you see, this little psychological trick of going towards what you want to do, as opposed to talking to yourself about what you want to move away from, is one of the best techniques to help you drop an extra five pounds, right now.

So go ahead, do this: Think about what goal you want to accomplish, instead of saying what you don’t want to accomplish.Set a goal.If you want to be five pounds lighter in the next two weeks,don’t be obsessed over it. Just keep telling yourself,” I’m going to go out and eat a little healthier; I’m going to  work out a little bit.My goal and intention is to get to 120 pounds.”

That’s it. Don’t say what you want to get away from. The trick here is to keep talking to yourself in this positive manner and do it for seven days.  After seven days I want you to stand on the scale and see what happens. This one little psychological trick will definitely change your life.