Get In Shape Like Celebrity Beyoncé At A Lakeview Boot Camp

Musical Artist Beyoncé was voted as having “the sexiest body” by 24 percent of all women polled, according to a survey conducted by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. Even while she was pregnant with baby Blue Ivy, she was still receiving accolades on her healthy and womanly appearance. Yet, now that the baby has been born, she is ready to get down to work. Like many of our local mothers who are bouncing back at Lakeview Boot Camp, Beyoncé also decided to work with a personal trainer.

“Working out should have been part of a new mom’s regimen before she got pregnant, while she was pregnant, and for the rest of her life,” says celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins – who also worked with singer Pink and actress Paula Patton. Just as you brush your teeth or comb your hair every day, so should you work out, she adds.

Of course, that’s not always so easy. Most of us feel stressed-out and busy-beyond-belief as it is! That’s why a Lakeview boot camp program is so essential for getting into a regular routine. Like anything you do in life, it takes time and consistency to build a habit. Scheduling classes that feature a variety of different activities, three days a week, with a group of likeminded people is a sure-fire way to become hooked on the concept of exercising.

When left to our own devices, many of us aren’t sure what type of workouts to do to see the best results. We grow bored of doing the same moves all the time and we feel totally alone at the gym, where everyone is plugged into their iPods. A Lakeview boot camp environment is more like a social club where new friends gather to lose weight, get their cholesterol levels down, and adhere to a healthy lifestyle. But that’s not all! The group of “campers” also gets together to do their grocery shopping, eat out at local Mexican restaurants (off the “Fit Fare” menus, of course!), see movies, and attend nutrition seminars.

“The goal should not be to lose weight,” says Beyoncé’s trainer. “The goal should be to live a healthy life, and by working out and eating healthy, you will be happy and the weight will just fall off because you are making healthy choices.” That is exactly what is promoted at a Lakeview boot camp, where program participants also receive step-by-step nutritional plans that focus on eating a variety of healthy foods.

Beyoncé will be working out doing a routine that encompasses all components of fitness – cardio, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility. That’s the same type of routine you’ll see at a Lakeview boot camp.

As Jeanette Jenkins says, “When people are having a good time, they are more likely to stick to their program.” That is another reason why Lakeview boot camp workouts are producing such amazing results. New moms are finding that the diverse activities, the group setting, and the obstacle courses of Lakeview boot camp are so fun that it doesn’t feel much like “work” at all. That is a recipe, not only for weight loss, but for a healthy life too!