Boot Camp Basics In Chicago

A boot camp is a group exercise class. They were originally started by Army veterans by adapting and modifying hard-core military exercises for non-military people. There is little or no equipment needed / used in a boot camp and the exercises change often.

At a Chicago bootcamp, you will be pushed a little bit harder, meet your fitness goals much quicker and have a lot more fun.

Medical Opinion:

Doctors are unarguably pro boot camps, however, they also advise caution when selecting the right boot camp, and suggest that you sign up for one that is conducted by qualified, experienced people.

What happens in a Boot Camp?

In Chicago, at a bootcamp, traditional callisthenic and body weight exercises are mixed with interval training and strength training. There are a number of other formats of boot camps but one thing that a good boot camp in your area in Chicago must do is push you beyond your limits.

During the boot camp session, you will do a lot of different exercises for an hour without a break. The regime will start with a warm-up, and end with a cool-down. Your sessions will be conducted 5 times a week.

The exercises will change often so your muscles don’t get used to it and your workout never gets boring. You can expect to do squats, lunges, partner exercises, obstacles courses among other things. Then there would also be pushups and sprints. A good boot camp in Chicago will also make you do plyometric exercises like hops, jumps and bounding movements to increase your speed and strength.

A good boot camp in Chicago will also do a basic fitness assessment before the boot camp begins and once again after it ends.

Group Exercises = Motivation + Fun

A boot camp will have a small group of 8-12 people and will be conducted in an open outdoor space like a park or a play ground. Watching other people go on, will ensure that you remain driven through out. Partner exercies and obstacles courses are a part of some boot camps.

How much do you pay?

Since a BootCamp does not need expensive equipment, you don’t end up paying a lot of money. And the benefits far out-weigh the costs. After a only a few sessions at the boot camp, you will find yourself not only physically fitter, but also mentally more agile, refreshed and happier.

Boot camps in Chicago have become very popular over the years because they are low-cost, efficient and effective in helping people reach their fitness goals. Then there is also the advantage of working in a group that will push you, support and make it a lot of fun.

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