Fitness Boot Camp Experts Reveals Why 1,000 Pushups Will NOT Give You 6 Pack Abs

Question, will working on your abs every day give you a sore tummy?

Will working on the same thing over and over will lead to progress?

If you believe that then you are mistaken.

Based on scientific studies and results we have accomplished with our training group, when it comes to exercising, there’s a bunch of muscle groups that you need to work out in order to get a six-pack ab.

Some of these muscle groups in your abs consist of muscle groups you may have heard of include external and internal oblique, rectus abdominis, constus abs, and others, just to name a few.

So when you hear of other people actually telling you to work on your abs every single day, what they actually mean is you need to work on different portions of your abs in order to get the best results.

Now, if you’re looking to get cut, and looking to get ripped, maybe before the bikini season, the goal is to do as much cardio as possible, and to work out different areas of your body, NOT only your abs.

In fact if you just do a 1,000 sit ups you will not get ripped ads.

It’s funny, working out more and working out with different exercises jolts your body into losing fat plus this has an additional benefit of working out your ads at the same time.

To get immediate results, the trick is to work different parts of your abs muscles using unique exercises throughout the week.

For example, on a Monday, you can work the lower abs, on a Wednesday, the upper abs, and the Friday, exercises that address your total tummy.

Simple body exercises really jump starts your stamina and pushing you to the next level. When you finally get to the sit up position, you look ripped for the holiday season.

The goal is not to tire yourself or wear yourself out by doing the same exercises over and over. Your body will quickly adapt no matter how hard you try to push.

 Try to have variety in your exercises, and before you know it, you’ll be ripped with six-pack abs, like our clients in our Fitness bootcamp that consists of a 60 year old mom to folks that work 8 -13 hour days are doing it.

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