Experts Reveals Why Portion Sizes are Killing Us

I recently went for a vacation in Cape Town, South Africa. On the first day in arriving there I decided to be healthy so instead of a huge steak I decided to I ordered a cheese and mushroom sandwich on whole wheat bread, and since this was a vacation I thought that it might be fun just to add in those little fries to my plate as I did not want to feel completely guilty.

As soon as I received my order, to my horror, I found out something that really upset me on my first day.

 Seeing, my family around me all ordered their meals, when I got my meal I immediately thought I was shortchanged. I had my two slices of cheese and mushroom sandwich but around it were only eight fries.

Can you believe that?

Eight fries?

At first, my blood pressure rose up and when I was about to tell the server that they did not complete my order correctly and they needed to send me more fries.

But then I stick my head up and looked around the table I saw my family merely smiling and talking to each other.

So I asked them, are these all the fries that you get when you order the sandwiches at this restaurant?

They all laughed back and said yes. Immediately I thought back to my experience back home in Chicago.

 Whenever you go out and order something to eat with fries you usually get a plate with fries or maybe fries, enough to feed an entire family.

Now instead of getting upset I decided to try out an experiment. I decided to eat stuff that I would not normally eat, including steak at lunch. Note almost everywhere in South Africa the portions are really small, remember I was on vacation for a month.

You can literally eat a meal in five to ten minutes and feel slightly hungry afterwards. Well, I suppose that’s the normal down for the people in South Africa. Guess what my weight gain was minimal if not zero.   

In America we’re so used to having huge portion sizes, it’s actually having a bad impact on our health and really killing us.

We’re conditioning to believe that the more we eat the better it is for us.

Okay, we’re probably getting a bargain because we spent $5 or $10, got all this food and we are making the most out of our meals.  

But that’s not the case.

This type of thinking is something that we did not get in school, but by big media companies.

By creating ads and implying eating a double McDonalds burger twice a day is cool,  it is this type of thinking is that allowing big companies, marketing firms to silently control us and kill us by providing us with more food than our body can actually handle.

So as a New Year’s resolution in 2012 I promised to keep my portion size under control, and here are some few tips that can help you do the same as well.

If you remember nothing in the article, please remember these points:

  • When you’re cooking a meal at home instead of using a large plate use a smaller plate,
  • this way even though you add to your plate it will seems full and you will end up eating less than you actually usually eat and cut your portion sizes in half.
  • If you’re in a restaurant take a portion of the food and immediately place in a to go box.
  • The reason is you want to do this first because when you being eating, you may have a small portion that is not quite a meal for the next day, so guess what you will go ahead and eat the balance of the plate.

 When at a restaurant, just know you’re going to take a portion of your meal home to go.  If condition yourself to thinking this, you end up only eating half or portion of your meal and eating fewer calories and when you get home the next day you can complete the rest of your meal.  

By the way, you well actually end up saving yourself cooking and eating few calories in the process.  

Also, if you’re thinking of eating a dessert with your meal, you know, share it.  It helps to go out with friends and you can share other’s desserts without finishing it.  

Well, that’s it for my New Year’s resolution this year.  If you would like more weight loss tips you can implement in windy chicago please enter your details below.

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