Schaumburg weight loss – Three Great Moves To Firm Your Triceps

If you’re like many people out there, one ‘trouble’ area for you is your underarms.  Women especially tend to have issues with this area of their body because this is naturally where they store their body fat and where it is slightly harder to lose it when dieting.

But, if you have the right plan of attack, you can successfully firm your triceps and get the look that you desire.

Let’s have a quick peak at three great moves for your triceps that you should consider.

Triangle Push-Up

The very first tricep exercise that you should be including in your workout program is the triangle push-up.  This movement is great because it’s compound in nature, meaning that you’ll not only work the triceps, but work the chest muscles as well.

In addition to that, since you’ll require a strong core to execute the movement properly and maintain good position, the abs are going to get a workout as well.

This will be much more challenging than a regular push-up, so have patience with yourself as you do it.

Close Grip Bench Press

The second tricep defining move is the close grip bench press.  This exercise is also nice since it’s compound as well, hitting the same muscles as the tricep push-up did.

The close grip bench press often gets forgotten about, but it’s a smart move to add in since it will reduce back on the number of chest exercises you need to incorporate as well.

Be sure to keep your back pressed flat against the bench when performing it for best results.


Finally, the third exercise that you should be doing is the tricep dip.  This movement is going to really isolate the tricep muscles, putting as much direct force on them as possible.  This one is a great option to add as a finisher to your workout program after you’ve completed the other exercises to really fatigue the tricep muscle and make sure that you are seeing the best results possible.

Dips don’t require any equipment at all other than a bench and your own body, so are also an ideal move to complete as part of a home workout plan.

Adding The Moves To Your Program

So now that you know which moves you should be adding to your workout, how do you integrate them in? You’ll want to aim to work your tricep muscles at least twice per week to see the best benefits possible, doing two to three sets of each exercise.

You should be aiming for the slightly lower rep range of around 8-10 reps for the two compound exercises listed above as these are strength oriented movements, and then take the dips exercise into the 10-15 rep range mark.

If you can easily complete 15 reps of dips, then you may want to consider adding some plate weight on top of your legs to help enhance the difficulty of the exercise.

So there you have the key things to note to help you achieve firm and defined triceps.  If you get these exercises included, you should be seeing results in as little as a few weeks.