Schaumburg Boot Camp – The Top Piece Of Equipment For Your Ab Muscles

If you’ve set a goal to work on increasing your abdominal muscle definition and boosting your strength, one piece of equipment that you should be making sure to make good use of is the decline ab bench.  Far too many people get all caught up with exercise ball activities, which are definitely good, but not the only way to challenge the abs.

The decline bench is also a perfect way to add more intensity to your session and can bring about faster results than you’ve seen before.

Let’s have a quick look at a few things to take note of when using the decline bench.

Watch Your Arms

The very first thing that you must make note of as you go about using the decline bench as part of your ab routine is that you need to watch your arms as you execute the action pattern.

If you get into the habit of swinging your arms to hoist your body upwards, you’ll be using more momentum to help you perform the sit-up than anything else.

Since the decline bench is going to place far more stress on the abs than any other sit-up will, it’s far more likely that you will start to do this than you would on a more basic crunch.

For best results, keep your arms to the sides of your head at all times.

Use A Slow And Steady Pace

The second thing that you need to be doing as you move throughout your decline bench exercises is making sure to use a slow and steady pace as you go.

This is further going to reduce the chances that momentum starts to get called into play to help you and reduce the amount of stress that your ab muscles are bearing.

You should aim to use a two count for both the rising and lowering phases of the exercise for the most optimal results.

Remember to breathe as you go about the movement as well as this will help you sustain that controlled movement pattern.

Consider Variations

Finally, make sure that you give some consideration to the variations of ab exercises that you can perform as well.  If you do happen to find the standard decline sit-up a little too easy to complete, then consider holding a plate weight across your chest for extra resistance.  This will definitely get those ab muscles feeling it.

Or, consider adding a twist to the motion.  As you lift yourself upwards, twist to one side of the body, pause at the top, and then twist to the other side as you lower yourself back down.

This will give the obliques a better workout as well, really helping make this a comprehensive exercise.

So there you have the top things that you need to know about the decline sit-up.  If you aren’t performing these as a regular part of your workout routine, now might just be the time to consider it.