West Loop fitness – Surprising Things That Could Be Causing You Fatigue

As you go about your workout program, it’s not unusual to suffer from fatigue from time to time.  You’re working hard, pushing your body to the limit.

But, if that fatigue persists across a number of different workouts or you find that you’re highly fatigued in times when you aren’t actually doing the workout as well, you might want to consider whether something else might be coming into play.

Sometimes there are outside influences that are contributing to the fatigue you experience and until you learn how to put a stop to those, you aren’t going to move forward to see the results that you’re after.

Let’s have a look at a few of the top things that could be causing you fatigue on your fitness plan.


The first thing that will bring about fatigue in almost anyone is an ongoing level of high stress.  Stress is going to really do a number on your overall health and well-being, so if you want to feel your best at all times, stress is one thing that you absolutely must cut out.

High stress lifestyles are definitely not going to be conducive to feeling your best so it’s imperative that you learn some smart stress coping strategies.

Lack Of Sleep

Next, the second thing that can cause fatigue to build up and become almost intolerable is a lack of sleep.  Remember that sleep is the primary time when your body goes into deep recovery mode to recover from not only your workout sessions, but your day’s events as well.

Shun yourself on sleep and you are definitely going to feel it the next day.  Go for weeks with a lack of sleep and you really will be in for some problems ahead.

Low Iron Levels

The next critical thing to check up on if you are experiencing a higher level of fatigue is whether you may be suffering from low iron levels.

Iron is a particular nutrient that is found in red meat and is going to help ensure that your red blood cells are at the proper concentration levels.

If you’re low with your red blood cell count, this is going to reduce the amount of oxygen that can get to the muscle tissues, increasing the chances that you feel fatigue during your exercise session.

Start either adding more lean red meat into your diet or consider outside supplementation if necessary.

Improper Mineral Consumption

Finally, the last thing that could be causing you fatigue that you want to be sure you don’t overlook is improper mineral consumption.  Consuming sufficient sodium, potassium, and salt is important if you are to sustain high energy levels but unfortunately some people fall short in these.

Potassium is especially a big one to be aware of, especially if you are doing a reduced carb diet plan.

Make sure you’re getting enough and you should see your energy levels increase as a result of it.

So there you have the primary things that you need to take note of if you are suffering from fatigue.  Check over each of these in your workout approach and be sure that they aren’t coming into play for you.