West Loop Boot Camp – The Impact The Three Nutrients Have On Your Body

As you go about getting started on your weight loss diet plan, one thing that you need to be keeping in mind at all times is how the various foods you eat will impact you.

Each and every food is going to have a slightly different impact on the way you feel and function so learning these effects and then structuring your diet so that you can optimally maximize the way you feel on a regular basis is going to be a huge step in the right direction in terms of seeing results.

So let’s take a bit of time right now to go over how each food influences you so that you can get a firm understanding of which foods you should be focusing on.

Protein Foods

The first type of food that you must have on your diet plan is protein rich foods.  Protein is what will supply the building blocks for lean muscle tissue along with a host of other functions in the body necessary to sustain life.

Protein foods have a very low influence on blood glucose levels and tend to be the highest satisfying nutrient.  If you want optimal hunger control, using a higher protein diet is very often recommended.

Carbohydrate Foods

The second food that you’ll have in your diet plan is the carbohydrate.  More and more people are starting to cut these out of their plans altogether, thinking they’re highly destructive to your fat loss efforts.

While not all carbs must be cut out, they are the nutrient that can pose some problems.  First, they will tend to increase hunger more than any other nutrient. Eating a carb rich diet will leave you hungry at all times, so sustaining a reduced calorie intake is going to be a bit trying.

Secondly, carbs are often highly processed, so will have a very large influence on insulin levels after consumption.  This will encourage rapid rates of fat storage, making them unwise to eat in large quantities.

Your best bet for optimal fat loss is to stick with only 100% natural carbs and eat them primarily around the workout period.  This will ensure that you are keeping your energy levels up as they are the main energy providing nutrient but not suffering from rebound hunger after each meal you consume.

Fat Rich Foods

Finally, fat rich foods are the last nutrient to consider.  These foods will have no influence on blood glucose levels and are filling over the long term.  Eating fat rich foods won’t fill you up right away, but they’ll prevent you from becoming hungry shortly after you consume a meal.

They’re also important from a nutritional perspective as well and for keeping the hormones in your body at appropriate levels.

So there you have the primary things that you need to note about how the various foods influence your body.  By understanding this, you’ll be able to make smarter food choices as you go about your plan.