West Loop Personal Trainer – The Top Fruits To Eat While On A Fat Loss Diet Plan

If you’re about to get started on a fat loss diet plan, one questionable food group that you might wonder about is fruit.  Fruit often gets a bad rap amongst the dieting crowd as many people feel that these are too high in sugar to be added to a weight loss diet plan.

But is this really the case?

The fact is the despite the fact that fruit does contain sugar, it’s natural fruit sugars that won’t have quite the same influence on your blood sugar level and they will also be paired with fiber, further reducing the negative impacts it would have.

There are some fruits, however, that are better than others, so that’s something else that must be taken into account.

Let’s have a quick peak at some of the top fruit choices to include on your diet.


The first type of fruit that’s a great option is berries.  Berries are high in antioxidants, relatively low in calories, and will pack in a high dose of fiber as well.

Whether you choose to go with blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, or strawberries, you can’t go wrong.

Just be sure to sprinkle them with a little non-calorie sweetener if using one rather than sugar so you don’t take away from the benefits they have to offer.


Next, make sure apples are included in your list.  Apples contain a form of fiber known as pectin, which has more positive benefits on appetite level.  Eat an apple a few hours before a meal to tide you over and chances are you’ll also take in fewer calories at that meal as well.

Apples satisfy your craving for something crunchy and sweet, so are definitely an excellent option for those who crave these types of foods.

With so many different varieties of apples to choose from, you can be sure to find one that will satisfy.


Finally, the last fruit to consider is the avocado.  The avocado is far different from most fruits in that it is a higher calorie food, but it does contain a high dose of healthy fats as well.

This means it’s going to have minimal impact on your blood glucose levels and will provide top notch benefits for appetite control.

Avocado’s can either be eaten on their own or enjoyed in many dishes that you happen to be preparing, so make sure that you do experiment with them and get creative with how you consume them.

So there you have a few key fruits that you should keep in mind to consider adding to your diet plan.  Out of all the fruit options available, these will tend to have the least impact on blood sugar and hunger levels, making it easier to stick with your fat loss diet plan.