Lakeview weight loss – Smart Choices At The Fast Food Restaurant

If you’re someone who often finds yourself dining fast food, there’s no question that this may have caused some issues for your body weight in the past.

Fast food meals are often loaded with calories, saturated fat, as well as cholesterol, so will do a number on both your body weight as well as your health level.

Fortunately, if you’re wise in the food selection you make while dining fast food, it doesn’t have to be nearly as detrimental to your progress as you think.

Let’s look at a few things to keep in mind when you find yourself catching a quick meal on the go.

Always Opt For Grilled Chicken

When it comes to choosing your main protein source, grilled chicken will always be your best bet.  Avoid beef burgers as these will contain protein but far too much added fat as well.  Likewise, the fish sandwiches are often breaded and smothered in high calorie sauces, so won’t be a good option either.

Consider The Soup

Next, you might also want to consider the soup as a quick way to tide yourself over until you can find something healthier.

Go with a broth based soup and you should take in a small dose of carbs, a bit of protein, and less than about 150 calories.

This is going to be a great way to stick to your diet plan while keeping your hunger satisfied.  The hot liquid itself tends to be very satisfying, so this should help you put a quick stop to any hunger you’re experiencing.

Be Careful Of Salads

One menu item that many people come to believe will be a very smart choice but isn’t exactly that is the salad.  If you’re just ordering a plain grilled chicken salad without all the fixings and have no dressing or light dressing on the side, then this can be a healthy option.

However, if you’re ordering a salad that comes with croutons, bacon bits, cheese, dried fruit, and high fat dressing, you could be in for more calories than you would get ordering up a burger.

Go With A Smart Side

Finally, the last thing that you should consider is opting for a smart side as your main meal instead of a sandwich.

Many fast food restaurants will serve up chili or a baked potato (order it with salsa) that will both be great quick ideas to satisfy your hunger.

The baked potato will be slightly low in protein content, so you should aim to either have a protein shake with this meal option or try and find a solid source of protein as soon as you can afterwards.  Protein should be included in every snack or meal you consume, but in some cases you are better off opting to go without until you can get your hands on a quality source.

Eating healthy at a fast food restaurant doesn’t have to be mission impossible, but it does take some careful planning and precision.  Think carefully about your choices and you can come out with your diet intact.