It can be difficult to calculate exactly how many calories are burned while you complete your cardio routine. Surely by now you’re aware that the machines at the gym overestimate just a wee bit. After all, the maker of the elliptical wants your allegiance when you realize you get “the best calorie burn” on their machine. Perhaps you bought one of those newfangled gadgets that impartially track your calorie burn on any machine or during any standard workout. You may feel like you should be burning way more calories than the device says you do. Chances are, you’re making one of the most common mistakes – and one that is easily fixed.


Many people bounce up and down too much while running and overexert their joints too soon. The more you swing your legs, hang onto the handlebar and maintain a still upper body, the faster the legs can move. It also helps to run shorter and harder if you feel you’re sloppy.

Stationary Bikes

A common problem among cyclists is the misalignment of the seat. A low seat exhausts the legs and puts too much stress on the knees. A high seat rocks the hips, which is just plain inefficient. The best way to adjust the bike is so that the leg can full extend at the lowest point of pedal rotation. It’s a good idea to change up your routine on a bike, ranging from pedaling at break-neck speed, to pedaling slower with hefty weights, and from sitting to standing to hovering.

Elliptical Trainers

The problem people make with elliptical is that they do not put enough resistance on. They let the machines do all the work for them, in other words. You might be surprised that doubling or even quadrupling your weight load is far less challenging than you imagined. Selecting the “interval” training workout will ensure that you don’t get too bored and that you get the maximum calorie burn.

Where To Get Help To Burn The Most Calories

If you’ve hit a plateau or if you’re looking for a more rigorous workout, try joining a fitness boot camp program at This instructor-led group program uses basic moves and interval training to encourage the body to melt the fat away, while also building maximum muscle. You can also receive a custom monthly nutrition plan and test your fitness level so you can track your progress. You can expect to see some results in 30 days and maximum results within 4-6 months.