Fitness Bootcamp Chicago

Did you know that if you are physically inactive your risk of heart disease increases as much as someone who smokes? Approximately 62% of adults are physically inactive and don’t conduct any form of regular exercise. If more people in society would participate in some form of exercise, such as fitness bootcamp Chicago,than our overall health crisis would improve. The lack of fitness in the states is alarming and you can make a difference by starting with improving your own health.

For decades it has been said that one’s physical activity is tied to better health. And with today’s advanced science and technology the link between physical activity and health is proven even more. There is major evidence that shows people who have active fitness lives are less probable to die at an earlier age or suffer from major illnesses.

Fitness bootcamp Chicago can therefore be a huge element in the type of healthy lifestyle you enjoy. Dailyexercise improves your fitness level and improves how you look and feel. Diet combined with regular exercisewill help you sustain a healthier weight and alsoimprove self-confidence and reduce the risk of depression.

Physicians and fitness experts recommend 30 minutes of exercise three to four times a week. Your goal should be to burn at least 200 – 300 calories each time you exercise. Fitness bootcamp Chicago is a simple way to reach this goal because the form of exercise targets your necessary heart rate to reach a healthy level of fitness to burn those extra calories.

If you can’t always attend a regular fitness program then try a few other ways to be physically active:

Use stairs instead of the elevator.
Walk on moving escalators instead of standing.
For short errands, don’t take the car, walk instead.
Increase your speed when doing housework.
Attempt gardening on your own, such as weeding, mowing lawns, trimming roses, etc.
If you take public transportation, exit before your stop and walk the rest of the way.

Improving your fitness level doesn’t have to be difficult. Discover a type of exercise you enjoy. Find someone to exercise with like your partner, a family member or friends, or try making new friends by attending afitness bootcamp Chicago. Whatever you do, stay motivated andtrack your activities so you can reflect and see how far you’ve come. Set short and long goals and make them realistic. Picture the healthier new you and before you know it, you will have achieved improved health for yourself and help decrease the 62% statistic of inactive adults in the U.S.