Cook County Boot Camp

Fitness fads come and go just like people who make new years resolutions. Lots of people get gung-ho on the fitness train and then as time goes on their routine starts to dwindle away. These are called “new-years resolution clients.” A lot of traditional gyms are riding the same train and are offering a wide variety of fads within their facility in hopes of keeping their clients happy. Many of these fads are failing with the exception one; boot camp. Cook County boot camp is on an upward trend. Many gym goers are turning to this instructor based workout routine.

Boot camp style workouts started to gain popularity in 1998 and have rapidly grown into a much desired workout by people of all walks of life. Originally, boot camp workouts began the Army’s basic training program and maybe that’s part of the reason it’s still going strong today because it’s not really a trendy workout. Or maybe it’s the fun and friendly atmosphere that’s felt amongst the participants. Cook County boot camp members enjoy a team mentality that keeps them motivated and committed.

Those who participate in Cook County boot camp typically burn about 400 calories for a 45 minute session which is great for weight loss. But what is great about boot camp is it offers more than just a traditional cardiovascular workout. You also get a muscle building workout from the different forms of exercises such as: push-ups, squats, lunges, burpees, and kettle ball sets. Boot camp is a good form of interval training because of the periods of high intensity interfused with lower aerobic intensity which help build lean muscle.

The nice thing about Cook County boot camp is that classes are different giving people a variety of workout options. But, no matter what class is taken, you will receive an excellent total body workout combining cardiovascular exercise and strength training. All you need to do is find the class that is well balanced for you and your fitness level. Or if you really want a challenge search for a program that will target your weak areas and help you improve them.

Whatever the reason for wanting to exercise, Cook County boot camp continues to popular and more and more people are joining this fitness train. It is an excellent way to build up aerobic capacity and control excess body fat, yet have a good time and exercise in a team environment. Remember, boot camp is not a trend. It’s been around for years helping people get in the best shape of their lives.