Chicago Health Clubs

There are so many Chicago health clubs to choose from when searching for a great workout facility. There’s a “big box” name in practically every city, so why it isthat many avid exercisers are turning to the smaller intimate facilities? What do these intimate facilities have that the big box gyms seem to be lacking? What is causing members to leave big name facilities and search for a smaller more intimate place for exercise?

Gym goers used to like the social scene at big box gyms but lately that seems to have changed. With advanced technology and pressing schedules, people now want to get their workout done and get on with their business. 95% of people in the gym have some kind of mp3 player or iPod on during their workout. They listen to their favorite music and focus on achieving the best workout in an efficient amount of time.

The big boxChicago health clubs have seemed to have lost focus on what’s truly important, helping people get into shape. They are more concerned with numbers than with quality and customer service. Many of these facilities offer full blown services from yoga, free weights, massages, chiropractic care to cafes. It’s like a little community built within a workout place.

Maybe some people like this but those who are there for one reason, to get into shape, are finding it annoying.

Chicago health clubs that are smaller and more intimate are gaining a lot of popularity because a member can do what they pay a membership fee for, and that’s workout. Most people who belong to a smaller facility are serious about their fitness goals whether it’s to lose weight, build lean muscle, improve their health, or maybe all three.

The intimate gyms offer quality personal trainers who have proper certification, training, and experience. Members receive one on one attention focused on their individual goals from a professional who genuinely cares about their needs.

The smaller facilities also offer boot camp classes where members can pay a set fee for the classes and know that three to five times a week they can rely on a quality total body workout in an efficient amount of time. With the busy lifestyle and schedules to keep getting in and out of the gym with a great workout is important. Intimate Chicago health clubs have taken note of what it takes to satisfy and fulfill the customer’s needs and it’s showing in the growing membership of these facilities.