Chicago Boot Camps

Do you need some variety in your exercise routine;a change to eliminate boredom or your current fitness status?Are you someone who is tired of the basic exercises and want something different or do you feel you have to train to death just to lose a few pounds? This is where Chicago boot camps come to the rescue. You don’t have to kill yourself like a Navy Seal in trainingto lose weight or get tone. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work hard, but you don’t have torture yourself.Chicago boot camps allow you to workout at your own pace and achieve your desired results.

Boot camps are a great way to use your entire body, from your head down to your toes. It’s amazing how much you can workout all of your muscles, including your heart in such a short period of time. Typically the exercises are performed with little rest in between but you work at your own pace, which makes it less intimidating. Boot camps are different from the traditional workout and incorporate callisthenic exercises. What makes it different is not only the type of exercise but the level of intensity you can choose at each session. A participant’s goal should be to reach the highest possible limit without injury. And when you do, you will burn excess calories and get a more toned body.

The following are some reasons why people attend Chicago boot camps:

– burn unwantedbody fat
– have a good time exercising
– it’s effective
– challenging
– time efficient

It’s important to warm up and stretch before you start your boot camp session so allow yourself about five minutes before class begins. Boot camp instructors will do warm ups but it’s best to stretch as well. The warm up is such an important part and will help push you during the exercises. Make sure you take some deep breathes between exercises to keep the oxygen flowing properly. The key is to do your best to keep moving throughout the entire 45-50 minute session. Sipping on a little water in between sets will also help in that it keeps you hydrated and helps with burning calories.

It’s always best to discuss your fitness goals and experience with a fitness instructor prior to participating in Chicago boot camps. This will help you understand the program and ensure you get the best workout. Improper exercise can cause unnecessary setbacks and possible injury. Discuss your goals with an expert and then enjoy your journey to a healthier life.