Bulldog Bootcamp Chicago

How many pet owners think the Bulldog is the cutest little thing? Ok, well maybe the bulldog isn’t really little like a chiwawa, but it’s not as big as a Germanshepherd either. Most refer to the bulldog as a medium breed. I know, you’re thinking, “what the heck does this have to do with bootcamps”? Hang on and keep reading. When you see a bulldog walking with its owner, do you think “awww how cute, happy, and stocky he is”? Bulldogs always look happy and proud.At a bulldog bootcamp Chicago clients are happy and proud too.

Bulldogs are known to be intimidating and have great guarding abilities.Bulldog bootcamp Chicago provides a great workout and may appear intimidating at first but the trainers are actually gentle and want the best for you and your overall health. The courageous trainers are determined to get you the results you want. Just like a Bulldog likes to please his owner, bootcamp trainers aim to please their clients.

Participating in a Bulldog bootcamp Chicago is a great way to burn unwanted fat and get a toned and sexy body. By involving calisthenics, resistance training, and continuous movement between exercises your body will shed that unwanted weight and develop lean muscle. I know I have made reference to the bulldog and its stocky build, but do not fear; bootcamp workouts will not make you stocky.

So how do you know if a bulldog bootcamp Chicago is for you? If you desire any of the following then there’s no question it’s for you:

• Improved health
• Loss of unwanted body fat
• Increase in muscle tone
• Improved happiness
• Lean, sexy body
• Bulldog attitude

Bootcamp sessions are typically 50 minutes long and if you think about it, that’s shorter than the average TV show. What do you gain from sitting on the couch and watching TV? Excess calories if you’re not careful. Just like a pet owner who needs to walk his dog daily for optimal health and satisfaction, you need to incorporate exercise in your daily routine as well.

Putting all joking about the bulldog canine aside, bulldog bootcamp Chicago is one of the best ways to get in shape. The exercises you will learn can even be done when traveling. There will never be any excuse for you not to exercise. If you go on a business trip or vacation you can take what you’ve learned and do a bulldog workout in as little as 20 minutes. Develop a bulldog attitude and be proud to show your family and friends your results from an amazing 50 minute workout three to five times a week.