Why Men Lose Weight Easier than Women

Both men and women search for Chicago health clubs to fulfill their fitness goals. Obviously those goals vary between each individual and require different techniques for women versus men. Quite often men lose weight faster than women, which causes women to become frustrated. In fact, couples will sometimes experience tension because the man is successfully losing weight but the woman is not. Women need to understand the biological difference between men and women and how this affects weight loss.

Men lose weight faster in general because they biologically have more natural muscle mass than women which automatically burns more calories. Muscle requires a lot of calories to maintain and roughly burns 10 to 15 calories per pound, per day just to maintain itself. This is a key factor in determining one’s resting metabolism. Men have more lean body mass which means they burn more calories even when sitting on the couch channel surfing!

Men are typically bigger than women and have larger body surface areas through which they lose body heat. This increases metabolism by working harder to regulate body temperature whether cooling the body in warm weather or warming it in cool weather.

Women also have lower levels of growth hormone and testosterone than do men and this has a big impact on metabolism. The fact that men naturally produce higher levels of these hormones is a big factor in why they lose more weight.

Location of fat is another factor. Men tend to possess more visceral fat which is located around the organs in the abdominal area, and women have more subcutaneous fat which is located directly under the skin in locations like lower abdominal, hips, and thighs. Subcutaneous fat especially in hips and thighs is harder to lose.

The above are biological traits that cannot be changed. Men are created differently than women. But there are also other reasons why men lose weight faster than women. Women typically obsess more about food and relate to food emotionally where men do not. Blatantly said, some women have more cravings and use food as an emotional support mechanism than men do. Eating the wrong kind of food at the wrong time equates to weight gain.

Now, there isn’t much women can do to change the natural genetics of their body. The differences between men and women are what they are, but women can achieve weight loss by changing some factors that contribute to increasing metabolism. Of course exercise is a big factor in this equation and implementing strength training will increase muscle mass and as stated above, having more lean muscle helps burn calories. Eating small, more frequent meals, such as six a day, will also increase metabolism. Adding some sort of cardiovascular activity increases breathing capacity which uses more energy and once again increases calorie burning.

Belonging to a Chicago health club will help women in understanding their own metabolic rate and aide in their overall weight loss. There’s no reason to get frustrated and quit; you just need to understand some basics so you know exactly what to do in order to achieve your own goals.