The Importance of Gym Etiquette at Health Clubs in Chicago

Consumers research health clubs in Chicago to satisfy their personal exercise needs. Deciding factors vary amongst each individual but there is one aspect many people tend to forget about and that is etiquette; gym etiquette. As defined on, etiquette is the conventional requirements as to social behavior. Most people in general are pretty good but there are a few who lack this necessary skill when in the gym?

Those of you who currently belong to a health club know what I’m talking about. You are motivated and ready to work out; you want to use a certain machine and some dummy has left five 45 pound plates on each side for you to remove. Now if you wanted to lift 450 pounds then it’s all good, you don’t have to rack the machine yourself, but really how many people are going to lift this?

What about dumbbells? Women typically use 5 to 20 pound dumbbells for their exercises. It’s very frustrating to go to the rack to get them and they are not there. You spend several minutes walking around the floor trying to find them, but they seem to have disappeared. No one wants to waste time searching for weights that should be properly returned by the original user. Wouldn’t it be nice if people just put the weights back when they finished using them?

Now it’s time for cardiovascular. You have finished your strength training and are ready to burn those extra calories. You choose the machine you want and then notice sweat all over it because the person before you didn’t have the audacity to wipe it down when they were done. Talk about frustrating. Hopefully there is another machine available so you can move on.

Here is one of my favorite or should I say least favorite cases of poor gym etiquette. You are on the treadmill or weight bench trying to focus on your routine and the person next to smells like a cologne or perfume factory. Maybe that is better than body odor but come on people lighten up on the stuff. You know what I’m talking about. You try to breathe but can’t because you are inhaling this over powering smell. Sometimes this reminds me of visiting my grandmother. As much as we love our grandmothers they still use way too much perfume!

Ok, now I’m not trying to be negative towards gyms, but I feel if people are going to be active at health clubs in Chicago then they need to be considerate of others. If everyone possessed proper etiquette and were thoughtful of other members, workouts would flow nicely, there would be less germs, and happier clients.  I don’t know about you, but gym etiquette is important to me. We’ve all heard the saying, “treat others like you like to be treated”. Most people like to be treated with respect, so think of others while at the health club and everyone will be happier.