Fitness Centers in Chicago

As a personal trainer I hear many excuses as to why clients don’t want to lift weights. The excuses are different based on the client and their fitness goals. Even outside the gym I hear excuses as to why people “can’t” workout at all. Fitness centers in Chicago offers a variety of workout programs to satisfy customers, even those with excuses.

The benefits of weight training outweigh the benefits of not doing it. Lean muscle increases metabolism, bone density, muscle strength, your overall health, and who doesn’t like have a lean sexy body? The following will crash the most common excuses used against strength training.

Excuse number one is that it’s boring. This is usually a result of training with the wrong person or the routine is boring. You can change both of these.If you prefer a faster pace try a boot camp class or listen to your favorite, energetic music while pushing the weights. You can do your own circuit training or pair with a friend thus cutting down time and boredom.

Next excuse is not having the time for both cardio and weights. What’s great about lifting weights is if done correctly you get a cardio workout too. The people you see at the gym sitting for 10 minutes between sets are not the ones you want to follow. Instead of sitting after a set, incorporate some form of cardio like running up the stairs or riding the stationary bike for 2 minutes. Fitness centers in Chicago are great for circuit workouts because you have everything you need in one place.

Some people just don’t know what exercises to do or how to do them. There are numerous books and websites you can knowledge yourself with on weight training. But honestly one of the best and safest ways is to solicit someone with experience. You will be amazed at the basic exercises you can do even in your home.

Intimidation is another excuse for beginners. This is understandable because you see everyone else at the gym using weights and you don’t want to look like a beginner doing something incorrectly. The funny thing about this is I see experienced people making mistakes. Don’t let this fear of intimidation get in your way of a healthier lifestyle. Seek a trainer to show you around and help with some basic routines. They will be happy to do so.

For women a big excuse is the fear of bulking up. This is another misconception about weight training – women will not bulk up like they think. Weight training is actually very important for women for many reasons. Lean muscle helps you lose weight, improves bone density, and has shown to improve self-esteem.

The last excuse is those trying to lose weight think they should do cardio only. When trying to lose weight both diet and exercise are key. Cardio alone may initially work, but implementing weight training will provide even better results. Fitness centers in Chicago boot camp classes incorporate cardio and weights, which produces fast results. But remember, you can’t eat McDonalds every week and expect to lose weight. Diet is just as important.