Foods to Avoid When Dieting

People looking to lose weight know eating fast food, high calories snacks, and anything fried is the best way to sabotage a diet. Not only do these foods sabotage a diet, but can wreak havoc on your health. Personal trainers can provide a list of foods to avoid when dieting that not only will add inches on your waist but can clog your arteries, raise cholesterol and blood pressure, and is just overall bad for your health. You should do your best to avoid these foods whether you are dieting or not.

  • Who doesn’t love donuts? They are my favorite, but donuts are fried and are an empty calorie food. Get one with chocolate on top and you just added more empty calories and sugar. They may be yummy but they have to stay on the shelf and not in your mouth.
  • Potato chips are a typical snack or go well with a sandwich, right? But a potato chip is basically fried starch with extra sodium. It won’t take much of these to add on extra pounds.
  • Soda is another killer to a diet. There is no value to drinking regular soda. It’s filled with sugar and corn syrup causing a rush of insulin to be released into the body, which stores fat. Some people drink diet soda which is better than regular, but its empty calories and full of carbonation. You are better off drinking tea or plain water.
  • White flour products like white bread, rice, and potatoes, are refined carbohydrates with little value and also increase sugar levels, which again trigger an insulin release, which stores fat. Too many bad carbohydrates sends your body into withdrawals when the sugar is depleted causing you to eat more.
  • Whole milk is a great source of calcium and protein but it is loaded with fat, sugar and calories. If you’re going to drink milk, drink non-fat and limit it to 8 ounces a day. It’s always better to get your source of calories from food than liquids because food keeps your hunger more satisfied.
  • Sauces are tough because no one wants to eat bland meals, but they can truly sabotage your diet because they are full of sugar, fat and sodium. Soy sauce is one of the worst due to high sodium content and using the “low” sodium doesn’t make much of a difference. Barbeque sauce or tomato based sauces like ketchup are full of sugar and worse than spice based sauces like mustard.
  • Let’s not forget salad dressing. They are notorious for adding on calories. Salads are good for you but not when loaded with high calorie dressing. Even low-fat or fat free is still not the best. If you need dressing then try to use one with a vinegar base and do not pour it over your salad. Dip a tip of each bite into the dressing and you will save on unwanted calories.

Eating healthy along with your performing your fitness routine will support weight loss and guide you to a healthier lifestyle