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Can exercise assist in controlling stress? The answer is YES, ABSOLUTELY! Most everyone says they feel better when they exercise. Chicago personal fitness experts say this is due to chemicals called neurotransmitters, which are produced in the brain, being stimulated during exercise. These neurotransmitters conciliate people’s moods and emotion, therefore the release of them through exercise can make you feel less stressed.

There are a few ways that exercise controls stress:

• Less anxiety – exercise is actually being prescribed by physicians to help treat nervous tension.

• Relaxation – one workout session generates 90 to 120 minutes of relaxation response. Again, this is a result of neurotransmitters and endorphins being released.

• Improved self-esteem – Most people feel better about themselves when they perform routine exercise. Think about it and I’m sure you will agree. When you feel better about yourself, stress is reduced.

• Proper nutrition – People who conduct a regular exercise routine tend to eat better, nutritional food. Good nutrition is a definite contributor in managing stress in your body.

Alright, stop stressing and start exercising. Chicago personal fitness has explained the basics of how exercise reduces stress, now it’s your turn to take charge and begin a regular exercise routine. Here are 3 suggestions to help you get started:

• Cardiovascular exercise – Just 20 to 30 minutes a day, five days a week is the perfect start. Anyone can incorporate this small amount of time to help improve your stress level.

• Yoga – by performing yoga or yoga-like exercise, your mind relaxes as your body does the work. Research has shown, when large muscle groups contract and relax, your brain releases neurotransmitter causing your to feel relaxed.

• Recreational sports – basketball, tennis, volleyball, racquetball, softball are sports you can participate in with friends which makes it competitive and fun. These are more vigorous which rids your body of stress causing hormones and adrenaline.

Often times Chicago personal fitness hears clients saying they don’t have time to exercise so they do stretching in their office for five minutes. Every little bit helps but this is not going to reduce your stress level. Make sure your exercise is executed outdoors or at your fitness place. It’s necessary to be in a stress free environment and typically the office is not this place. However, taking breaks throughout the day, stretching, a brief walk outside or even climbing the stairs can help you refocus and alleviate stress. You can control some of your stress with exercise. Make the time because you are worth it.