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The benefit of executing cardiovascular exercise after weight training is more advantageous than most people realize. The question is frequently asked, “Should I do cardio before or after my weigh training?” Chicago boot camp fitness believes you should always warm up your muscles by doing 10 minutes of cardiovascular prior to lifting weights but it just a warm up, not intense cardio and then complete 30 minutes of cardiovascular after your weight training routine.

If you complete cardio before weight training the quality of lifting weights is decreased because your energy has already been expensed. Your muscles have the most to gain in the last 2 to 3 reps of resistance exercise so it is important to have as much energy in order to execute these reps. If you have just completed an intense cardio workout, then you will lack the energy to push your muscles to the desired level needed to sustain muscle growth. Cardio is necessary to burn fat and carbs, but carbs are needed for fuel during weight training. So it’s clear you need both, but doing them in the right order at Chicago boot camp fitness will ensure you get the benefits of both.

Another reason some people believe cardio is better after lifting weights is carbohydrates are depleted during weight training, which means you will burn more fat during your cardio routine.If you’re goal is to lose weight then doing cardio after your weight training is especially important. Weight training depletes glycogen in muscles, which is used as a fuel source for cardiovascular exercise.When glycogen is depleted, your body releases fat from cells to be used as energy. When you do cardio before weight training, it takes about 20 minutes for glycogen levels to fall and fat cells to potentially be released. By completing cardio afterwards you don’t have wait 20 minutes before your body starts burning the fat.

This topic has mixed emotions from fitness and medical experts and there really isn’t any set rules as to which is best; however, even with the disagreements, one commonality experts have is that both cardiovascular exercise and weight resistance is necessary to achieve fitness goals. Chicago boot camp fitness suggests doing whatever routine works best for you. If performing weights and cardio at the same time is too much then you can always split it up and lift weights one day and do cardio another. The important factor is just that you accomplish both. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to change things around so you don’t get bored.