Bootcamp in Chicago – The Importance of Stretching

Many people do not think about stretching before or after exercising. Some think it isn’t necessary but often times it is a result of being in a hurry to get our workout finished and on to the next important task. Those attending a bootcamp in Chicago are educated in the importance of stretching. Stretching should be part of the workout routine, not just based on time.

Stretching your muscles before and after exercise, will result in your body feeling less agony during exercise and afterwards.This is especially true if you have a desk job and sit all day. Think about it, your muscles remain in a sedentary position. How often do you get up and stretch because your muscles and joints feel stiff? Stretching before and after a workout has the same effect and it will actually help your muscles from getting stiff on the job. It doesn’t matter if you are a fitness expert or new to the game; stretching is important for everyone.

When you stretch before exercising you warm up your muscles by releasing a synovial fluid, whichhelps the motion of muscles and also keeps bones from scraping against one another.This allows muscles to have more flexibility which reduces chances of injury. Having flexibility is not only beneficial during exercise, but in the daily activities you perform. Having relaxed and flexible muscles helps you conduct various physical activities and also provides a better balance. This is why bootcamp in Chicago includes pre and post exercise stretching.

During exercise your muscles tense and are sometimes pushed to exhaustion. If you haven’t stretched, you stand the chance of injuring the muscle you are working and possibly other areas of your body. Stretching muscles increases strength blood flow through your entire body, which keeps them warm and flexible thus avoiding fatigue and injury. When performing exercises our muscles get tight because that is part of the muscle building process. Our muscles send a signal to our brain telling us we are working that muscle. You can feel the tightness and burning of the muscle. These are positive results of weight training. A few hours after a good workout muscles can become stiff and sore especially when you don’t take time to cool them down by post exercise stretching.

Post exercise stretching is different than pre exercise stretching in that you want to slow the stretching down and steadily stretch to relieve the tightness in your muscles and joints. Be aware of any muscle injury. If you feel you might have strained a muscle you shouldn’t stretch it because it could agitate it.

As a final note, bootcamp in Chicago recommends warming up and cooling down with stretching, but just like exercises you need to have controlled stretches so you do not cause injury. Yes, you can actually be injured stretching. This is how; bouncing while stretching. Stretching is a slow elongated movement where you feel the muscles relaxing and a sense of comfort. You should hold a stretch for 20 to 30 seconds. Bouncing is not stretching!!Make sure you add stretching to your workout routine. Your muscles will appreciate it.