Boot Camps in Chicago

On a recent episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian had an x-ray taken of her butt because she is tired of the media and society accusing her of having butt implants. As ridiculous as this may sound, people actually do get but implants and Kim is well known for her backside. In fact, women have said they wouldn’t mind having a booty like Kim’s! Boot camps in Chicago have ways of working your butt (gluteus maximus) so you can accomplish this.

Here are 4 great exercises you can perform to tighten your butt:

Bird dog (20 – 25 reps) – you basically get on all fours and stretch your leg back and your opposite arm forward, alternating sides. So if starting with your right leg back, then your left arm moves forward, and then switch to left leg back and right arm forward. The key is stabilizing your core and squeezing your butt at the extension of the stretch. Do not kick out your leg, it’s a slower movement.

Donkey Kicks (15 reps each side) – again position on all fours, take one leg at a time and try to kick the ceiling with your heel. Keep your core stable and tighten your butt as you do the kick.

Curtsey Lunge (15 reps) – this is a backwards and to the side lunge. Stand straight, again stabilize your core and perform a backward lunge by bringing your leg back and behind the back of the opposite leg.

The Airplane (8 – 10 reps) – Begin by standing straight with feet together. Balance on one leg, bending at the waist, with opposite leg going straight back. Hold your arms out to the sides like airplane wings and balance for 3 seconds. Again, stabilizing is very important. This exercise takes time to get it down so don’t get frustrated.

Performing these exercises 2 to 3 times a week will definitely tone and shape your butt. What’s nice about these exercises is they don’t require any weights and can be done inside your own home at your convenience. If you are new to exercise or unfamiliar with these specific ones then you should consult with a trainer or someone who has experience and can assist you. Boot camps in Chicago incorporate these exercises amongst others and will ensure you are performing them properly.

There you go. You now have the ammunition to compete with Kim Kardashian. Boot camps in Chicago would like to see lots of Kim K booties running around Chicago!!!