Boot Camp Workout Chicago

Yo-yo dietingor weight cycling is a bad habit to begin yet many people are guilty of it and do not realize the damage it causes to their body. The wordyo-yo should only be affiliated with Duncan; you know the fun $5 toy you played with as a kid. Do you remember doing walk the dog and rock the cradle or putting it to sleep? When people yo-yo diet they rock the cradle and put their metabolism to sleep. This is not good. Boot camp workout Chicago keeps your metabolism stable even when you sleep.

Yo-yo dieting can mean a small weight loss and regain of 5 to 10 pounds, or a large cycle of 50 pounds or more. People who have a small fluctuation is weight do not typically experience any negative side effects. But those who have serious weight fluctuations due to dieting, not illness, increase their risk of health problems and send their metabolism into a state of confusion.

Habitual dieters experience a malevolent cycle with weight loss. They are excited in the beginning as the weight drops off, but then stray from their diet and all the weight lost comes back. This causes major frustration and hence yo-yo dieting.

Here are some of the side effects caused by this vicious cycle:

  • Depression
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Type II diabetes
  • Decreased energy

Boot camp workout Chicago doesn’t want to see this happen. This is why using the word diet should be a no-no! If people made a conscious effort to improve their lifestyle by following a consistent, nutritional health plan along with exercise, they will see how easier it is to maintain their weight. If you have experienced yo-yo dieting, don’t become frustrated and quit trying completely. You just need to refocus on making long-term changes that help you keep the weight off.

Now, there is some mixed data on yo-yo dieting, specifically on things like weight gain and energy levels, but the evidence is there that it may lead to cardiovascular and metabolic disorders as mentioned above. A misconception about all of this is that it affects obese people more than people of normal weight or slightly overweight. This is not true. Risks seem to be greater in the latter group.

The ultimate goal should be to make a lifestyle change that is realistic and you can stick with so you will achieve your goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. These changes need to include exercising at least three to five times a week as well. A boot camp workout Chicago is a good way to implement these changes and stick to your new lifestyle.