Boot Camp Fitness Chicago

Every year tons of studies are done explaining the value of resistance training.Boot camp fitness Chicago encourages women clients to use resistance training in their workout routine.The benefits of resistance training especially for women in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s truly outweigh any reason not to include this form of exercise in your life. Some of these benefits are discussed below.

Common benefits of resistance training for women are improving lean muscle, bone density and overall strength. On average women will see about a 30% increase after approximately three months of training.A popular benefit is that weight training also helps women fight the aging process. Not a bad result just from including some form of resistance in your life – resistance training that is!

Boot camp fitness Chicago has seen female clients improve with resistance training.For women wanting to lose or maintain weight, strength training is a must. By your mid 30’s, you begin to lose 5 to 10 percent of muscle strength each decade. A decade is a long time, but once you hit 30, timeseems to move a little faster than when in your twenties. By incorporating continuous exercise throughout your life, this loss of muscle will not affect you as much as women who have never exercised.

Women who begin a workout regimen after 40 find it is more difficult to start weight training and sometimes take a little longer to see improvements. Don’t take this the wrong way or let it discourage you if you fall in the 40’s category. Resistance training will improve your quality of life no matter what age you are, but it becomes even more important as you get older because of the aging process. Research has shown that women who performed 25 minutes of aerobics and total body resistance exercises significantly decreased their resting heart rate, body fat percentage and blood pressure, AND increased their strength and endurance.

Women have physical daily demands that sometimes aren’t thought of as being strenuous until one goes to do them; for example, picking up or carrying babies or children. Even a trip to the grocery store can demand more strength than we realize. Those bags of groceries can be heavy.Boot camp fitness Chicago helps increase your strength to make every day simple tasks like these easier. This is why a total body workout is important because it engages multiple muscles simultaneously; the ones you use on a daily basis.

Boot camp fitness Chicago helps women achieve a better quality of life through fitness. It is well known that women who exercise have better self-esteem and are sick less often than those who don’t exercise. These are factors that improve quality of life. Don’t let time or age get in your way of being a healthy and happy person.