BRIDAL BOOT CAMP CHICAGO – What Egyptians Do For Good Luck?

Bridal Boot Camp! Doesn’t that sound enduring? What a great way for an entire bridal part to get into shape prior to the big wedding day.

The bridesmaids can join a bridal boot camp Chicago prior to the wedding date and each one of them set a personal goal to achieve before the big day.

For example, dropping a dress size could be one of the goals or simply toning up so your arms or legs look defined and sexy in your dress. Now keep in mind ladies, this day is about the bride so we need to ensure she looks her best.

This could also become a family affair where the bride and groom’s mother and/or sisters join the bridal boot camp as well. It would be a great opportunity for the parties involved to not only get into shape but bond with each other.

You could also hold a contest of some sort with a prize at the end. Take it one step further and take before and after pictures and post them at the reception. Just think about the fun and motivation you could have with this.

Are you following me? Do you see the fun that can take place with this setup? I too have reasons for proposing a bridal boot camp in Chicago. One, I love Chicago; two I love weddings, and three I want people to get into shape.

Exercise does not always have to be about sweating only. We can incorporate some fun and new challenges in between sweating. Get your party together and let’s do this. But, wait, there is more. I want to leave you with some funny facts about weddings.

• Did you know according to an English folklore that Saturday is the unluckiest day to get married? And what is the most popular day for weddings – Saturday. And they say Wednesday is the luckiest; however Monday means wealth and Tuesday means health. Interesting.

• Egyptian women pinch the bride on her wedding day for good luck. We can make the bride run around boot camp so she can practice avoiding those pinches!

• Seventeen tons of gold are made into wedding rings each year in the United States

• In Denmark, brides and grooms traditionally cross-dressed to confuse evil spirits! Yes, you read that correctly.

• Did you know approximately 80% of people involved in a wedding (bride, bridesmaid, and family members) change their eating and exercise habits before the big day?

Ok, enough with those facts. Let’s go back to getting you and your wedding party into shape.
Planning a wedding can be physically draining.

You have decisions to make, people to please which adds stress on your plate. You will be tired, that is for sure. However, by keeping your heart rate up through exercise you can spruce up your energy, eliminate stress, and release the “happy chemical” (endorphins) to keep you smiling.

Have fun with a bridal boot camp Chicago, make great memories with you family and friends and while you’re at it – get into shape!